Data leo

Data reports are aggregate or summary-level tables. To request a data report, please do the following. Complete this form: LEO Data Report Request (CDPH8719) (PDF), and. Email the LEO Data Request research staff. Data File Requests. Data files are raw encounter or client-level line listings. Leo was originally called Max, but Palacio Bros changed this because he thought Leo was a cooler sounding name. There has been an ongoing joke in the community of Leo being kidnapped and tied up by Viruses. It went so far as to being a costume for Leo (Taped) and this joke being referenced in Fanverse RPG. Where you first meet Leo tied up and ... Federal Data Protection Law - Bundesdatenschutzgesetz: Last post 14 Jul 10, 20:10: neben der oben beschriebenen Übersetzung findet sich in LEO auch noch der Begriff German Dat… 9 Replies: data: Last post 02 Sep 09, 06:27 (almost) all translations for data in leo mention 'used with sg. or pl. verb'. BUT I was rec… 1 Replies: data: Last post ... LEO data has been in the works for some years now. A few years ago, a project funded by the Nuffield Foundation, conducted by the Institute for Fiscal Studies, and approved by former Universities’ Minister David Willetts, began the first connection of anonymised data from the English Student Loan Book with tax and benefits data from HMRC and DWP. data: Letzter Beitrag: 02 Sep. 09, 06:27 (almost) all translations for data in leo mention 'used with sg. or pl. verb'. BUT I was rec… 1 Antworten: data: Letzter Beitrag: 13 Aug. 02, 17:53: Data im Sinne von Daten und Fakten ist Plural. Wie wird das grammatikalisch behandelt? Im Sa… 3 Antworten: data: Letzter Beitrag: 13 Aug. 02, 17:53 View Leo basile’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Leo has 4 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Leo’s connections and jobs at similar companies. These include: a) use of signals from multiple constellations that have different beam aiming protocols, b) the fusing of beat carrier phase data from the LEO constellations with INS data, and c) the possible use of pressure altimeter or magnetometer data to augment the basic system of beat carrier phase and INS data. This study uses simulation. There is an art in data science visualization and presentation, and a simple definition for this side of data science is the art of turning hidden connections into a story that makes sense. The other side could be defined as the process of inventing and testing either/or scenarios to rule things in and rule things out until you know enough to stop. Top B2B Mailing Lists Providers - Improve business partnerships by connecting with the Email Lists Providers. Use quality B2B Email Lists to prosper LEO Data. The data acquisition server allows real-time monitoring of all data streams, whereas the two functions of the data server are to archive data and enable visualization and publishing. The data model used for LEO data was developed and implemented as a relational database SensorDB.

Starlink - SpaceX Satellite Constellation

2008.12.15 06:02 Starlink - SpaceX Satellite Constellation

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2017.07.31 23:24 andreykh TokenStars – Tokenize Celebrities ACE Token Crowdsale

TokenStars is the first celebrity management platform on the blockchain, providing advanced tools and incentives for deeper interaction between stars, fans, and advertisers. Having successfully started with the ​​ACE ​t​oken sale ​f​or ​t​ennis ($4.9M+ raised!), ​TokenStars has enhanced its team with top-notch experts and stars to launch the TEAM token: Lothar Matthäus, Tommy Haas, Nikita Kucherov and many others.

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2020.09.24 07:52 Rinczmia First Impressions: Landy (5★) & Wall of Order (5★)

First Impressions: Landy (5★)

Politia's Chief of Police in charge of maintaining public order.


Element: Earth Class: Ranger Sign: Leo
Memory Imprint SSS
Imprint Release Effect Resistance +17.4%
Imprint Concentration Attack +18%



Acquire 1 Soul
Fires at the enemy and increases the caster's Combat Readiness by 10%. Effect is doubled when the enemy is buffed.
Skill Enhance
Level Effect
1 +5% damage dealt
2 +2% Combat Readiness
3 +10% damage dealt
4 +3% Combat Readiness
5 +15% damage dealt

The Chief Is on the Scene

Increases the caster's Attack by 7% after attacking. This effect can only stack up to 5 times. At the start of the turn, gains 10 Fighting Spirit for each buff granted to an enemy, and when Fighting Spirit is full, resets skill cooldown. Starts the first battle with 50 Fighting Spirit.
Skill Enhance
Level Effect
1 +0.5% Attack
2 +0.5% Attack
3 +0.5% Attack
4 +0.5% Attack
5 +1.0% Attack

Full Burst

Acquire 3 Soul, 5T CD
Fires at all enemies and grants the caster increased Speed for 2 turns. When Fighting Spirit is full, consumes all Fighting Spirit to increase damage dealt, and increases Combat Readiness of all allies by 15%. This skill cannot trigger a counterattack.
Soul Burn Effect (Consume 10 Soul) Increases damage dealt.
Skill Enhance
Level Effect
1 +5% damage dealt
2 +5% damage dealt
3 -1 turn cooldown
4 +10% damage dealt
5 +10% damage dealt

Artifact Spotlight: Wall of Order (5★)

Skill Level Effect
1 At the start of the turn, for each buff granted to an enemy, has a 4% chance to grant the caster increased Attack (Greater) for 1 turn. After using an attack that targets all enemies, increases Combat Readiness of the caster by 10%, This effect is not activated by a counterattack, Dual Attack, or extra attack.
Max At the start of the turn, for each buff granted to an enemy, has a 8% chance to grant the caster increased Attack (Greater) for 1 turn. After using an attack that targets all enemies, increases Combat Readiness of the caster by 10%, This effect is not activated by a counterattack, Dual Attack, or extra attack.

Skill Data

Skill att_rate pow! etc
Skill 1 1 1 -
Skill 2 - - -
Skill 3 0.9 (1.15 Soulburn) 1 att_rate + 0.1 if Fighting Spirit Consumed
How to calculate skill damage:
Skill Data / Modifier Spreadsheet

Helpful topics to discuss

  • What is her role and how does she compare to other characters in the same class?
  • How does she fit in the current meta? Who does she synergize well with?
  • What to prioritize for skill leveling (MolaGora usage)?
  • Recommendations for substat priority, gear set(s), and artifact? PvE? PvP?
  • Is the artifact worth the pulling for?
Other Hero / Artifact Spotlights
Remember to upvote the quality write-ups. Keep personal commentary regarding pulls/questions in check and use the appropriate megathread(s).
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2020.09.23 16:20 leo_loves_coding Py2app Problem

Hi, I'm Leo, I have a problem with the py2app install. I made an app using py2app and when I open it, it says"Main error", Main is my app name. Here's the code:
import time import sys import os print('Welcome To MarsOS! A free OS Based on python.') print('================MarsOS================') print(' Enter syshlp for help') a = '//press enter and then enter your command' input(a) a = input() if (a == 'syshlp'): print('Opening readme.txt...') time.sleep(1) print('') print('') print("FAQ's") print('Q: How to Open apps?') print("A: Use This Command : 'open -n' -n means normal") print('') print('Q: Ok...... but how to close files?') print("A: Use the close command. 'end -n'") print('') print("From the Dev's") print("Dev's Letter: Hi! I'm Leodeng, I am the creator of MarsOS. I love coding and flying drones. ") print('if you have any suggestions about the OS or Bugs you found, please contact me.') print('Copyrighted 2018~2100') print(' ') input("Press enter to quit...") if (a == 'open -n'): os.system("open /Users/leodeng/Desktop/System/Users/leodeng/Applications/") input("Press enter to quit...") 
this is the file:
""" This is a script generated by py2applet Usage: python py2app """ from setuptools import setup APP = [''] DATA_FILES = [] OPTIONS = {'argv_emulation': True} setup( app=APP, data_files=DATA_FILES, options={'py2app': OPTIONS}, setup_requires=['py2app'], ) 
Can Someone Please Help me?
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2020.09.23 01:22 MrManAlba [MILESTONE] Long-Range Sustainability in Space

March 2021

The Brazilian Space Agency AEB has published a document for the new financial year detailing the long-range considerations for the Brazilian Space Program in the coming ten to twenty years. The document, titles 'Long-Range Sustainability in Space', highlights the steps that AEB hopes to be empowered to take to ensure that Brazil achieves the orbital capability it has been working towards without success for nearly forty years.


Brazil has a successful sounding rocket project, and had sought to build upon this success by utilising many of the same components to construct a small orbital carrier rocket called 'VLS-1'. Development of VLS-1, capable of lifting 380kg to LEO, began in the late 1980s, and was cancelled in 2016, two attempted sub-orbital launches of the VLS-1 ended in failure. One test failure resulted in a catastrophic explosion that destroyed the launch pad. After the failure of the VLS-1 program, the VLM was progressed instead.


VLM is a related but more developed concept as compared to the VLS-1. It omits the numerous boosters of the VLS-1 for its initial configuration, but adopts a more powerful first-stage. In initial configuration VLM is capable of putting 150kg into orbit. Successive configurations (Aquila 1) will put 300kg into orbit, then (Aquila 2) 500kg. The 500kg variant is the 'mature' VLM variant, and resembles the VLS-1, albeit larger, and with a liquid rocket upper-stage allowing better control of payloads in orbit.
VLM Launch Schedule:
  • VLM (Aquila 0) - 2021
  • VLM (Aquila 1) - 2023
  • VLM (Aquila 2) - 2026


The SHEFEX program is a joint experimental project run by AEB and the German space agency DLR. It is aimed at developing advanced capabilities in the hypersonic flight regime, especially at high altitudes. The long-term goal of the project is to develop a sort of reusable satellite capability. Launching small satellites able to return from orbit and land like small hypersonic glide vehicles.


14-X is a wholly Brazilian project aimed in a similar orientation to the SHEFEX program. Its aim is to create a small, orbit-capable hypersonic vehicle. Rocket-launched and scramjet-powered, 14-X would allow the placing of small payloads into Orbit, but it's Hypersonic flight regime is more efficient than a traditional rocket upper-stage, allowing it to reach orbit with a relatively small rocket booster for its intended payload of ~150kg. Its design also makes it suitable for controlled reentry and landing/recovery, permitting it to be reused.

Long-Range Capabilities

In its long-range considerations, AEB has determined that Brazil would have much to gain if it pushed beyond the 500kg capability offered by the mature VLM, and on towards a true medium-lift capacity. Further, it is clear to any and all observers that the future of spaceflight is in reusability. Falcon 9 and soon, Starship will both demonstrate that. It is also clear that an immediate development of a reusable booster in the Falcon 9 vein would not be expedient for Brazil but with the decade or more of experience that Brazil has in hypersonics and scramjet propulsion experiments, the development of reusable payloads may be within reach. Specifically, hypersonic glide vehicles can lead the way to a Brazilian capability to put extremely fast 'spaceplanes' into trajectories where they are able to lift themselves into orbit, deploy payloads, then return, to be refurbished and re-launched. Using this principle, Brazil may be able to construct a competetive space industry in the face of giants like SpaceX and BlueOrigin. To this end, AEB intends to develop 14-X as a workable prototype for a 'reusable satellite':
  • Low-atmosphere testing regime, 2021-2023 - After a planned test-flight in early 2021, 14-X will see additional launches, with an intention that the behaviour of the vehicle in the low-altitude, high supersonic gliding regime can be tested. This is critical for landing the vehicle after use.
  • High-atmosphere testing regime, 2023-2026 - After satisfactory data is gleaned from the low-altitude testing of the vehicle, increased speed and altitude regimes are to be investigated. Boosting the rocket up to 40-80km and hitting speeds of Mach 5-10. This testing phase will also permit testing of the scramjet propulsion system.
  • Beyond-atmosphere testing regime, 2026-2030 - Once the Scramjet propulsion systems have been sufficiently tested, a final testing regime will pave the way for putting the 14-X into orbit, which should be achieved between 2026 and 2030.
  • 20-X Testing regime, 2028-2034 - Data gained from the 14-X vehicle shall contribute to a larger vehicle known under the working title of '20-X'. 20-X will be intended to be a working and fully-useable vehicle with orbit capabilities of 1000-5000kg. Development of 20-X will also be conducted in parallel to a larger liquid-fueled rocket to act both as the primary booster for 20-X and a a conventional medium-lift carrier rocket.
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2020.09.22 17:37 akaiGO Poll: Who do you prefer to see as a Friend Support when NOT in a Summon Board farm phase?

Poll: Who do you prefer to see as a Friend Support when NOT in a Summon Board farm phase?
Most people preferred having Leo in their friend list for the Odin grind that just ended, but now that it has, we've gotten a handful of really strong units over the past few months, and I'm just curious who the community most prefers to use now when not farming Summon Boards.
Assume that the character is fully built and boarded up, since ultimately I'm sure that is what people most want to see over a particular character who is not built up. (This of course carries the connotation that some options to not yet have Character Boards available for them yet).
Vote Button Poll Options Current Vote Count
Vote Leo 9 Votes
Vote Amidatelion 118 Votes
Vote Noctis (LD+BT) 62 Votes
Vote Keiss (for Launch Chase) 11 Votes
Vote Eald'narche (for free turn cheese) 14 Votes
Vote Quistis 7 Votes
Vote Other (please say in comments!) 8 Votes
  • Click Vote to Register Your Vote.
Note: Vote Count in this post will be updated real time with new data.
Make Your Own Poll Here
See live vote count here
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2020.09.22 16:16 ReelStats These are the statistical top 500 movies of all time, according to 23 different websites

Hey everyone, great to be back again. Some of you might remember a similar title from a post I made back in April, where I made a list of the top 250 movies with 13 sources, or a preview of this list I made last month.
I want to emphasize that this is NOT an official ranking nor my personal ranking; it is just a statistical and, personally, interesting look at 500 amazing movies. These rankings reflect the opinions of thousands of critics and millions of people around the world. And I am glad that this list is able to cover a wide range of genres, decades, and countries. So before I get bombarded with "Why isn't X on here?" or "How is X above Y?" comments, I wanted to clear that up.
I sourced my data from Sight & Sound (both critic and director lists), TSPDT, iCheckMovies, 11 domestic websites (Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic, IMDb, Letterboxd, TMDb, Trakt, Blu-Ray, MovieLens, RateYourMusic, Criticker, and Critics Choice), and 9 international audience sites (FilmAffinity, Douban, Naver, MUBI, Filmweb, Kinopoisk, CSFD, Moviemeter, and Senscritique). This balance of domestic/international ratings made the list more well-rounded and internationally representative (sites from Spain, China, Korea, Poland, Russia, Czech Republic, Netherlands, and France).
As for my algorithm, I weighted websites according to both their Alexa ranking and their number of votes compared to other sites. For example, since The Godfather has hundreds of thousands of votes on Letterboxd but only a couple thousand on Metacritic, Letterboxd would be weighted more heavily. After obtaining the weighted averages, I then added the movie's iCheckMovies' favs/checks ratio and TSPDT ranking, if applicable. Regarding TSPDT, I included the top 2000 movies; as an example of my calculations, Rear Window's ranking of #41 would add (2000-41)/2000=0.9795 points to its weighted average. I removed movies that had <7-8K votes on IMDb, as these mostly had low ratings and numbers of votes across different sites as well. For both Sight & Sound lists, I added between 0.5 and 1 point to a movie's score based on its ranking, which I thought was an adequate reflection of how difficult it is to be included on these lists. As examples, a #21 movie would have 0.9 points added while a #63 would have 0.69 points.
So without further ado, the statistical top 500 movies ever made. I separated the scores into overall, critics, domestic, and international columns to make comparisons easier. This list on Letterboxd.
Ranking Title Overall Score Critics Domestic International Year Director
1 The Godfather 93.89 97.73 90.50 89.36 1972 Francis Ford Coppola
2 The Godfather: Part II 91.93 93.30 89.04 88.06 1974 Francis Ford Coppola
3 Seven Samurai 91.05 97.38 87.63 85.90 1954 Akira Kurosawa
4 12 Angry Men 90.45 95.45 88.74 88.62 1957 Sidney Lumet
5 City Lights 89.94 96.75 85.67 85.93 1931 Charlie Chaplin
6 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly 89.45 91.20 87.81 86.59 1966 Sergio Leone
7 The Shawshank Redemption 89.41 82.95 89.49 89.18 1994 Frank Darabont
8 Psycho 89.29 95.23 85.70 85.01 1960 Alfred Hitchcock
9 Modern Times 89.28 95.55 85.21 85.37 1936 Charlie Chaplin
10 Schindler's List 89.08 93.80 87.22 87.29 1993 Steven Spielberg
11 Pulp Fiction 88.85 92.60 87.69 86.42 1994 Quentin Tarantino
12 Rear Window 88.63 97.65 85.40 83.33 1954 Alfred Hitchcock
13 One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest 88.55 87.38 86.28 86.97 1975 Miloš Forman
14 Apocalypse Now 88.54 93.85 85.24 83.48 1979 Francis Ford Coppola
15 Tokyo Story 88.49 98.30 85.16 83.76 1953 Yasujirō Ozu
16 Spirited Away 88.34 93.78 86.80 85.91 2001 Hayao Miyazaki
17 GoodFellas 88.03 91.48 87.00 84.03 1990 Martin Scorsese
18 Vertigo 88.02 95.60 84.05 82.76 1958 Alfred Hitchcock
19 Singin' in the Rain 88.01 97.65 83.95 83.13 1952 Gene Kelly, Stanley Donen
20 Sunset Boulevard 88.00 95.45 85.44 84.22 1950 Billy Wilder
21 Citizen Kane 87.83 99.03 83.06 82.22 1941 Orson Welles
22 Harakiri 87.79 85.83 88.00 86.29 1962 Masaki Kobayashi
23 Rashomon 87.74 96.55 83.52 82.73 1950 Akira Kurosawa
24 Once Upon a Time in the West 87.71 86.65 85.48 84.62 1968 Sergio Leone
25 Fanny and Alexander 87.54 97.30 83.15 83.00 1982 Ingmar Bergman
26 The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King 87.40 92.59 86.06 85.38 2003 Peter Jackson
27 Andrei Rublev 87.39 91.90 83.80 83.94 1966 Andrei Tarkovsky
28 The Passion of Joan of Arc 87.39 94.65 83.88 83.57 1928 Carl Theodor Dreyer
29 Sherlock Jr. 87.36 96.45 83.64 85.60 1924 Buster Keaton
30 Bicycle Thieves 87.35 94.70 83.91 83.46 1948 Vittorio De Sica
31 Casablanca 87.35 98.00 85.25 82.62 1942 Michael Curtiz
32 Some Like It Hot 87.28 95.30 82.11 83.73 1959 Billy Wilder
33 Persona 87.22 88.20 84.28 83.07 1966 Ingmar Bergman
34 Children of Paradise 87.21 95.33 84.81 83.27 1945 Marcel Carné
35 Taxi Driver 87.14 93.88 83.60 82.06 1976 Martin Scorsese
36 The Dark Knight 87.08 88.81 86.96 84.80 2008 Christopher Nolan
37 Metropolis 87.03 96.00 82.92 84.01 1927 Fritz Lang
38 Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans 87.02 93.95 82.23 84.02 1927 F. W. Murnau
39 Stalker 87.02 92.30 83.86 83.29 1979 Andrei Tarkovsky
40 Pather Panchali 86.96 94.35 84.40 82.80 1955 Satyajit Ray
41 Lawrence of Arabia 86.95 97.65 83.76 81.49 1962 David Lean
42 M 86.91 96.20 84.34 82.92 1931 Fritz Lang
43 Ordet 86.82 98.10 83.08 82.55 1955 Carl Theodor Dreyer
44 It's a Wonderful Life 86.77 90.45 85.17 84.90 1946 Frank Capra
45 Satantango 86.76 90.45 84.58 84.21 1994 Béla Tarr
46 Parasite 86.72 96.34 86.55 83.15 2019 Bong Joon-ho
47 The 400 Blows 86.70 96.70 83.14 82.60 1959 François Truffaut
48 Ikiru 86.56 93.80 85.48 84.29 1952 Akira Kurosawa
49 Mirror 86.50 95.60 82.75 82.34 1975 Andrei Tarkovsky
50 Come and See 86.50 90.50 85.22 83.13 1985 Elem Klimov
51 The Apartment 86.48 92.00 84.09 82.99 1960 Billy Wilder
52 The General 86.45 91.45 82.59 83.87 1926 Buster Keaton, Clyde Bruckman
53 Grave of the Fireflies 86.43 95.13 85.85 82.97 1988 Isao Takahata
54 Le Trou 86.41 89.95 85.46 85.14 1960 Jacques Becker
55 The Battle of Algiers 86.37 95.40 82.64 81.24 1966 Gillo Pontecorvo
56 A Man Escaped 86.34 96.50 83.67 82.03 1956 Robert Bresson
57 Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb 86.34 95.85 84.37 83.03 1964 Stanley Kubrick
58 Paths of Glory 86.25 92.30 84.97 84.48 1957 Stanley Kubrick
59 The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring 86.24 88.75 85.61 84.31 2001 Peter Jackson
60 All About Eve 86.23 96.95 83.69 83.20 1950 Joseph L. Mankiewicz
61 Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back 86.21 86.93 87.05 83.29 1980 Irvin Kershner
62 High and Low 86.16 86.55 86.08 84.26 1963 Akira Kurosawa
63 The Great Dictator 86.15 91.10 84.25 85.03 1940 Charlie Chaplin
64 The Silence of the Lambs 86.12 88.68 85.29 84.17 1991 Jonathan Demme
65 2001: A Space Odyssey 86.06 88.35 82.93 81.54 1968 Stanley Kubrick
66 North by Northwest 86.03 96.38 83.17 81.74 1959 Alfred Hitchcock
67 Double Indemnity 85.91 94.38 83.84 83.12 1944 Billy Wilder
68 Ugetsu 85.91 97.25 82.69 81.91 1953 Kenji Mizoguchi
69 Woman in the Dunes 85.91 93.95 84.71 83.77 1964 Hiroshi Teshigahara
70 Sansho the Bailiff 85.88 95.50 84.24 82.21 1954 Kenji Mizoguchi
71 Once Upon a Time in America 85.87 86.10 83.84 85.53 1984 Sergio Leone
72 City of God 85.86 84.08 86.39 84.00 2002 Fernando Meirelles, Kátia Lund
73 Late Spring 85.81 94.75 83.74 82.27 1949 Yasujirō Ozu
74 Barry Lyndon 85.80 87.95 82.44 82.30 1975 Stanley Kubrick
75 The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers 85.78 88.78 85.00 84.29 2002 Peter Jackson
76 Raging Bull 85.77 90.48 82.01 81.80 1980 Martin Scorsese
77 Chinatown 85.72 94.08 83.32 80.69 1974 Roman Polanski
78 Alien 85.69 91.73 84.76 82.62 1979 Ridley Scott
79 Ran 85.68 94.70 83.93 82.52 1985 Akira Kurosawa
80 The Seventh Seal 85.67 92.10 83.52 82.13 1957 Ingmar Bergman
81 The Kid 85.61 92.85 82.91 84.94 1921 Charlie Chaplin
82 Wild Strawberries 85.51 90.05 83.38 82.24 1957 Ingmar Bergman
83 A Brighter Summer Day 85.50 93.38 84.07 81.01 1991 Edward Yang
84 85.48 91.20 82.59 81.09 1963 Federico Fellini
85 The Pianist 85.38 88.69 83.31 84.80 2002 Roman Polanski
86 The World of Apu 85.38 93.20 84.38 83.09 1959 Satyajit Ray
87 La Dolce Vita 85.37 94.38 81.40 80.48 1960 Federico Fellini
88 Star Wars 85.33 90.03 85.22 81.92 1977 George Lucas
89 The Best of Youth 85.31 88.78 85.31 83.64 2003 Marco Tullio Giordana
90 The Gold Rush 85.29 94.55 81.93 83.59 1925 Charlie Chaplin
91 The Third Man 85.26 96.50 82.91 80.21 1949 Carol Reed
92 The Treasure of the Sierra Madre 85.20 96.68 82.77 81.81 1948 John Huston
93 I Am Cuba 85.18 93.60 82.00 83.44 1964 Mikhail Kalatozov
94 The Lives of Others 85.14 89.03 84.12 82.73 2006 Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck
95 Witness for the Prosecution 85.13 92.65 83.67 84.99 1957 Billy Wilder
96 Touch of Evil 85.11 95.70 81.36 79.65 1958 Orson Welles
97 WALL-E 85.10 92.09 82.82 82.64 2008 Andrew Stanton
98 Scenes from a Marriage 85.02 86.85 84.80 83.06 1974 Ingmar Bergman
99 To Be or Not to Be 84.99 89.58 82.52 83.39 1942 Ernst Lubitsch
100 A Separation 84.92 94.24 83.34 80.90 2011 Asghar Farhadi
101 The Night of the Hunter 84.91 96.93 81.17 79.06 1955 Charles Laughton
102 Three Colors: Red 84.87 96.78 83.32 80.78 1994 Krzysztof Kieślowski
103 Yojimbo 84.87 91.55 83.85 82.99 1961 Akira Kurosawa
104 Back to the Future 84.85 89.38 84.47 81.94 1985 Robert Zemeckis
105 My Neighbor Totoro 84.84 87.53 83.44 83.17 1988 Hayao Miyazaki
106 In the Mood for Love 84.84 83.87 82.55 81.20 2000 Wong Kar-wai
107 Princess Mononoke 84.83 81.18 85.02 84.24 1999 Hayao Miyazaki
108 Saving Private Ryan 84.82 90.35 83.94 82.50 1998 Steven Spielberg
109 Cinema Paradiso 84.78 82.30 84.73 83.43 1988 Giuseppe Tornatore
110 La Jetée 84.75 89.25 83.27 81.80 1962 Chris Marker
111 The Wages of Fear 84.71 94.60 82.99 82.80 1953 Henri-Georges Clouzot
112 Das Boot 84.68 90.13 83.62 82.71 1981 Wolfgang Petersen
113 Fight Club 84.65 71.18 86.39 84.95 1999 David Fincher
114 Nights of Cabiria 84.64 92.25 82.72 83.13 1957 Federico Fellini
115 La Strada 84.61 92.60 80.79 82.78 1954 Federico Fellini
116 Amadeus 84.53 89.55 82.88 82.59 1984 Miloš Forman
117 Forrest Gump 84.50 76.90 83.06 86.12 1994 Robert Zemeckis
118 Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 84.49 90.41 85.03 81.69 2018 Peter Ramsey, Rodney Rothman, Bob Persichetti
119 The Lion King 84.45 88.28 77.22 84.09 1994 Rob Minkoff, Roger Allers
120 Inception 84.43 82.07 84.18 84.17 2010 Christopher Nolan
121 Whiplash 84.42 89.53 84.87 81.96 2014 Damien Chazelle
122 The Shop Around the Corner 84.40 94.43 80.85 82.37 1940 Ernst Lubitsch
123 Rififi 84.38 92.00 83.03 81.58 1955 Jules Dassin
124 Umberto D. 84.38 92.63 82.20 81.75 1952 Vittorio De Sica
125 Army of Shadows 84.37 95.30 82.98 80.50 1969 Jean-Pierre Melville
126 Blade Runner 84.34 85.85 82.57 80.29 1982 Ridley Scott
127 Samurai Rebellion 84.33 89.05 82.85 83.84 1967 Masaki Kobayashi
128 Close-Up 84.31 85.70 81.99 80.69 1990 Abbas Kiarostami
129 The Circus 84.29 90.35 81.69 83.14 1928 Charlie Chaplin
130 Raiders of the Lost Ark 84.19 89.33 84.31 80.57 1981 Steven Spielberg
131 Grand Illusion 84.18 95.35 81.85 79.78 1937 Jean Renoir
132 A Clockwork Orange 84.18 82.78 82.37 82.51 1971 Stanley Kubrick
133 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 84.07 89.37 83.36 80.57 2004 Michel Gondry
134 A Woman Under the Influence 84.01 87.40 82.51 80.40 1974 John Cassavetes
135 The Cranes Are Flying 84.00 89.30 82.76 82.40 1957 Mikhail Kalatozov
136 Yi Yi 83.91 91.25 82.48 79.64 2000 Edward Yang
137 To Kill a Mockingbird 83.91 89.13 81.98 82.20 1962 Robert Mulligan
138 The Matrix 83.90 77.78 84.54 83.06 1999 Wachowski Sisters
139 The Sting 83.90 85.73 82.71 83.36 1973 George Roy Hill
140 The Mother and the Whore 83.87 94.55 81.24 79.82 1973 Jean Eustache
141 Se7en 83.86 72.15 84.91 84.48 1995 David Fincher
142 Early Summer 83.85 94.45 82.19 82.01 1951 Yasujirō Ozu
143 Werckmeister Harmonies 83.80 91.73 80.89 81.93 2000 Béla Tarr, Ágnes Hranitzky
144 Coco 83.80 86.21 82.73 83.66 2017 Adrian Molina, Lee Unkrich
145 Toy Story 83.76 95.03 82.30 80.15 1995 John Lasseter
146 It Happened One Night 83.76 90.83 81.46 81.76 1934 Frank Capra
147 Reservoir Dogs 83.74 84.68 83.12 81.99 1992 Quentin Tarantino
148 Unforgiven 83.73 88.55 82.24 81.59 1992 Clint Eastwood
149 The Deer Hunter 83.73 87.68 80.57 82.06 1978 Michael Cimino
150 The Young and the Damned 83.72 87.10 82.58 80.82 1950 Luis Buñuel
151 The Best Years of Our Lives 83.68 92.63 81.19 81.20 1946 William Wyler
152 The Leopard 83.66 97.30 79.56 79.57 1963 Luchino Visconti
153 Time of the Gypsies 83.65 86.05 83.31 82.29 1988 Emir Kusturica
154 Ali: Fear Eats the Soul 83.61 96.70 80.51 79.97 1974 Rainer Werner Fassbinder
155 Raise the Red Lantern 83.57 90.25 82.37 81.81 1991 Zhang Yimou
156 Terminator 2: Judgment Day 83.57 82.00 84.11 81.83 1991 James Cameron
157 The Shining 83.55 75.35 84.08 81.80 1980 Stanley Kubrick
158 Viridiana 83.54 92.95 80.68 80.81 1961 Luis Buñuel
159 Portrait of a Lady on Fire 83.52 93.59 83.08 80.02 2019 Céline Sciamma
160 Greed 83.51 97.05 80.65 80.64 1924 Erich von Stroheim
161 Gone with the Wind 83.48 92.90 80.01 81.68 1939 Victor Fleming
162 There Will Be Blood 83.48 89.65 81.91 79.02 2007 Paul Thomas Anderson
163 L.A. Confidential 83.46 91.63 82.08 80.81 1997 Curtis Hanson
164 Paris, Texas 83.46 83.95 82.89 81.66 1984 Wim Wenders
165 Throne of Blood 83.45 91.30 82.18 81.49 1957 Akira Kurosawa
166 Toy Story 3 83.43 93.55 81.61 80.32 2010 Lee Unkrich
167 Memento 83.43 85.20 83.78 80.76 2000 Christopher Nolan
168 On the Waterfront 83.37 93.00 82.23 79.52 1954 Elia Kazan
169 Trip to the Moon 83.37 94.70 79.96 82.83 1902 Georges Méliès
170 The Rules of the Game 83.33 96.55 80.45 78.02 1939 Jean Renoir
171 Red Beard 83.32 74.15 83.41 83.27 1965 Akira Kurosawa
172 The Grapes of Wrath 83.32 95.45 80.42 80.34 1940 John Ford
173 Au Hasard Balthazar 83.29 98.08 77.93 77.54 1966 Robert Bresson
174 Autumn Sonata 83.29 84.85 83.09 82.66 1978 Ingmar Bergman
175 Annie Hall 83.28 93.18 80.58 80.58 1977 Woody Allen
176 The Conformist 83.27 96.68 79.92 78.58 1970 Bernardo Bertolucci
177 Rocco and His Brothers 83.24 84.73 81.95 81.68 1960 Luchino Visconti
178 Dersu Uzala 83.23 74.75 82.35 83.37 1975 Akira Kurosawa
179 Cool Hand Luke 83.21 93.05 82.22 79.83 1967 Stuart Rosenberg
180 Monty Python and the Holy Grail 83.18 91.98 82.96 79.30 1975 Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones
181 Le Samouraï 83.18 92.35 82.45 79.40 1967 Jean-Pierre Melville
182 Aliens 83.18 88.73 83.29 79.61 1986 James Cameron
183 PlayTime 83.16 93.50 80.22 78.80 1967 Jacques Tati
184 The Bridge on the River Kwai 83.14 90.58 81.93 80.24 1957 David Lean
185 The Red Shoes 83.13 93.15 82.82 79.96 1948 Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger
186 American Beauty 83.10 87.15 81.93 81.13 1999 Sam Mendes
187 To Live 83.10 84.00 82.16 82.46 1994 Zhang Yimou
188 Battleship Potemkin 83.10 95.85 77.81 80.41 1925 Sergei Eisenstein
189 Day of Wrath 83.09 93.40 81.07 81.29 1943 Carl Theodor Dreyer
190 All Quiet on the Western Front 83.07 92.85 80.05 81.48 1930 Lewis Milestone
191 It's Such a Beautiful Day 83.07 91.25 83.62 79.77 2012 Don Hertzfeldt
192 Full Metal Jacket 83.06 81.53 82.21 82.54 1987 Stanley Kubrick
193 The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari 83.05 96.40 79.84 81.83 1920 Robert Wiene
194 Kes 83.03 97.80 79.59 80.55 1969 Ken Loach
195 The Usual Suspects 83.02 80.23 84.08 81.48 1995 Bryan Singer
196 The Cameraman 83.00 93.90 80.77 81.57 1928 Edward Segdwick, Buster Keaton
197 Aparajito 83.00 90.90 81.81 81.20 1956 Satyajit Ray
198 The Elephant Man 83.00 83.00 82.10 81.87 1980 David Lynch
199 Rebecca 82.98 90.08 81.08 80.93 1940 Alfred Hitchcock
200 Make Way for Tomorrow 82.97 95.80 81.72 80.14 1937 Leo McCarey
201 The Great Escape 82.97 87.68 82.29 80.66 1963 John Sturges
202 Your Name 82.97 84.55 84.07 81.29 2016 Makoto Shinkai
203 Limelight 82.92 88.00 79.85 83.02 1952 Charlie Chaplin
204 Breathless 82.92 91.95 78.88 79.10 1960 Jean-Luc Godard
205 Underground 82.91 80.75 81.26 82.64 1995 Emir Kusturica
206 The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance 82.88 91.90 81.08 79.53 1962 John Ford
207 Aguirre: The Wrath of God 82.87 94.55 80.46 78.62 1972 Werner Herzog
208 Oldboy 82.86 78.98 84.00 81.27 2003 Park Chan-wook
209 Up 82.84 90.28 81.32 80.86 2009 Pete Docter
210 Anatomy of a Murder 82.84 94.00 80.57 80.02 1959 Otto Preminger
211 The Wild Bunch 82.84 90.35 79.45 80.12 1969 Sam Peckinpah
212 The Hunt 82.75 82.08 82.79 82.62 2012 Thomas Vinterberg
213 Il Sorpasso 82.74 95.75 82.84 79.57 1962 Dino Risi
214 The Last Laugh 82.74 95.25 79.47 81.61 1924 F. W. Murnau
215 A Streetcar Named Desire 82.73 94.60 79.89 80.26 1951 Elia Kazan
216 Life Is Beautiful 82.73 68.45 83.60 85.57 1997 Roberto Benigni
217 A Short Film About Love 82.71 87.10 81.90 81.89 1988 Krzysztof Kieślowski
218 The Shop on Main Street 82.71 94.45 82.15 80.43 1965 Ján Kadár, Elmar Klos
219 Rio Bravo 82.71 92.10 80.46 79.80 1959 Howard Hawks
220 Roman Holiday 82.70 84.55 80.74 82.42 1953 William Wyler
221 Ivan's Childhood 82.69 94.80 81.25 80.37 1962 Andrei Tarkovsky
222 The Exterminating Angel 82.68 91.10 81.66 80.17 1962 Luis Buñuel
223 Trainspotting 82.68 85.20 81.57 81.21 1996 Danny Boyle
224 The Last Picture Show 82.67 94.15 79.90 79.56 1971 Peter Bogdanovich
225 The Truman Show 82.64 89.63 79.70 82.15 1998 Peter Weir
226 Memories of Murder 82.64 82.88 82.68 80.94 2003 Bong Joon-ho
227 Faust 82.62 89.70 80.23 81.94 1926 F. W. Murnau
228 Sans Soleil 82.62 83.90 79.45 80.51 1983 Chris Marker
229 Song of the Sea 82.57 87.63 80.59 82.23 2014 Tomm Moore
230 Léon: The Professional 82.55 67.38 84.05 84.07 1994 Luc Besson
231 Fargo 82.54 87.45 82.36 79.19 1996 Coen Brothers
232 Solaris 82.54 89.95 80.91 79.69 1972 Andrei Tarkovsky
233 Sweet Smell of Success 82.52 96.53 80.81 77.62 1957 Alexander Mackendrick
234 For a Few Dollars More 82.52 79.28 82.38 83.15 1965 Sergio Leone
235 White Heat 82.51 90.65 80.77 81.24 1949 Raoul Walsh
236 Brief Encounter 82.50 88.35 80.81 81.03 1945 David Lean
237 Wings of Desire 82.49 85.70 81.30 80.42 1987 Wim Wenders
238 Diabolique 82.47 90.70 81.27 80.73 1955 Henri-Georges Clouzot
239 An Autumn Afternoon 82.45 91.95 81.68 79.85 1962 Yasujirō Ozu
240 The Tale of the Princess Kaguya 82.44 90.63 81.16 80.43 2013 Isao Takahata
241 Amarcord 82.41 85.95 79.26 80.73 1973 Federico Fellini
242 Heat 82.40 79.08 82.03 81.73 1995 Michael Mann
243 L'Atalante 82.40 95.60 78.32 78.10 1934 Jean Vigo
244 Django Unchained 82.39 83.44 82.23 81.94 2012 Quentin Tarantino
245 Jeanne Dielman, 23 Commerce Quay, 1080 Brussels 82.38 95.50 78.73 79.69 1975 Chantal Akerman
246 Kind Hearts and Coronets 82.38 95.60 80.80 79.72 1949 Robert Hamer
247 Dog Day Afternoon 82.37 88.40 81.11 79.80 1975 Sidney Lumet
248 Forbidden Games 82.37 93.75 80.36 80.99 1952 René Clément
249 The Crowd 82.35 93.35 79.21 81.23 1928 King Vidor
250 Notorious 82.35 96.78 79.96 78.21 1946 Alfred Hitchcock
251 Mary and Max 82.35 88.05 80.95 82.42 2009 Adam Elliot
252 Persepolis 82.34 88.95 80.09 80.77 2007 Marjane Satrapi, Vincent Paronnaud
253 Howl's Moving Castle 82.33 78.71 82.63 83.10 2004 Hayao Miyazaki
254 Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind 82.33 85.10 81.54 82.03 1984 Hayao Miyazaki
255 Safety Last! 82.33 92.25 80.95 81.10 1923 Fred C. Newmeyer, Sam Taylor
256 Rosemary's Baby 82.32 94.78 79.99 78.69 1968 Roman Polanski
257 L'Avventura 82.32 92.10 79.08 78.03 1960 Michelangelo Antonioni
258 The Searchers 82.32 93.90 78.16 76.66 1956 John Ford
259 La Haine 82.30 90.60 82.38 79.56 1995 Mathieu Kassovitz
260 Three Colors: Blue 82.30 88.28 81.55 79.23 1993 Krzysztof Kieślowski
261 Chungking Express 82.30 79.95 82.29 80.73 1994 Wong Kar-wai
262 Inside Out 82.29 93.66 80.27 79.85 2015 Pete Docter
263 Where is the Friend's Home? 82.28 89.25 81.22 80.21 1987 Abbas Kiarostami
264 Cries and Whispers 82.27 85.45 81.02 80.80 1972 Ingmar Bergman
265 Napoleon 82.22 93.25 81.89 78.99 1927 Abel Gance
266 Paper Moon 82.19 83.08 81.37 81.29 1973 Peter Bogdanovich
267 The Spirit of the Beehive 82.17 89.83 79.31 78.91 1973 Víctor Erice
268 A Special Day 82.16 90.20 81.11 81.25 1977 Ettore Scola
269 Nostalghia 82.15 83.00 80.91 81.23 1983 Andrei Tarkovsky
270 Network 82.13 85.45 82.36 79.08 1976 Sidney Lumet
271 L'Eclisse 82.11 84.70 79.78 78.81 1962 Michelangelo Antonioni
272 Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 82.09 80.83 81.78 81.15 1939 Frank Capra
273 Sanjuro 82.09 91.90 81.67 80.85 1962 Akira Kurosawa
274 Badlands 82.06 93.38 79.77 77.21 1973 Terrence Malick
275 Vivre Sa Vie 82.06 85.20 80.12 79.83 1962 Jean-Luc Godard
276 Nobody Knows 82.06 87.18 81.12 81.15 2004 Hirokazu Koreeda
277 No Country for Old Men 82.05 90.68 80.56 78.47 2007 Coen Brothers
278 Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring 82.05 86.05 80.76 80.62 2003 Kim Ki-duk
279 La Notte 82.04 78.35 81.45 81.11 1961 Michelangelo Antonioni
280 The Celebration 82.04 84.23 81.34 80.08 1998 Thomas Vinterberg
281 In the Name of the Father 82.04 84.90 81.14 81.85 1993 Jim Sheridan
282 I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang 82.02 89.55 80.18 81.56 1932 Mervyn LeRoy
283 Shoplifters 82.01 92.39 80.60 79.31 2018 Hirokazu Koreeda
284 Finding Nemo 82.01 92.60 80.13 78.76 2003 Andrew Stanton, Lee Unkrich
285 Z 81.98 87.55 82.21 79.59 1969 Costa-Gavras
286 The Phantom Carriage 81.96 95.00 80.01 80.32 1921 Victor Sjöström
287 Manhattan 81.95 86.23 80.50 79.81 1979 Woody Allen
288 Rome, Open City 81.94 95.40 80.45 79.27 1945 Robert Rossellini
289 Children of Heaven 81.93 80.15 81.24 82.01 1997 Majid Majidi
290 The Green Mile 81.92 71.93 82.95 84.38 1999 Frank Darabont
291 The Iron Giant 81.91 86.61 80.88 79.95 1999 Brad Bird
292 The Sacrifice 81.90 80.30 80.47 81.37 1986 Andrei Tarkovsky
293 The Philadelphia Story 81.90 94.95 79.79 77.86 1940 George Cukor
294 The Twilight Samurai 81.90 86.10 81.07 81.13 2002 Yôji Yamada
295 Before Sunset 81.88 87.79 81.42 78.41 2004 Richard Linklater
296 Before Sunrise 81.86 84.40 82.24 79.44 1995 Richard Linklater
297 Castle in the Sky 81.85 81.63 81.49 82.06 1986 Hayao Miyazaki
298 The Departed 81.84 86.92 82.82 79.04 2006 Martin Scorsese
299 Brazil 81.83 90.23 80.61 78.37 1985 Terry Gilliam
300 Incendies 81.81 83.85 81.88 80.74 2011 Denis Villenueve
301 The Maltese Falcon 81.81 95.65 80.24 77.28 1941 John Huston
302 The Wizard of Oz 81.77 98.03 79.38 77.17 1939 Victor Fleming
303 Le Cercle Rouge 81.76 90.03 80.81 78.54 1970 Jean-Pierre Melville
304 Monsieur Verdoux 81.76 89.80 78.55 81.34 1947 Charlie Chaplin
305 The Return 81.72 84.85 80.02 80.96 2003 Andrey Zvyagintsev
306 Secrets & Lies 81.71 90.73 80.29 78.66 1996 Mike Leigh
307 The Hidden Fortress 81.70 91.25 80.79 80.72 1958 Akira Kurosawa
308 Pan's Labyrinth 81.69 92.59 81.60 76.08 2006 Guillermo del Toro
309 Amélie 81.69 79.64 81.96 80.27 2004 Jean-Pierre Jeunet
310 Ben-Hur 81.67 86.93 79.86 80.22 1959 William Wyler
311 Fitzcarraldo 81.67 75.80 81.06 81.21 1982 Werner Herzog
312 American History X 81.63 70.13 83.58 83.00 1998 Tony Kaye
313 Ace in the Hole 81.62 79.10 80.88 81.36 1951 Billy Wilder
314 Capernaum 81.62 81.83 80.52 82.18 2018 Nadine Labaki
315 Still Walking 81.61 90.30 80.92 79.48 2008 Hirokazu Koreeda
316 All About My Mother 81.61 88.77 79.56 78.80 1999 Pedro Almodóvar
317 The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie 81.60 92.28 78.82 78.83 1972 Luis Buñuel
318 Platoon 81.60 88.70 79.52 80.45 1986 Oliver Stone
319 Farewell My Concubine 81.60 80.50 80.49 81.04 1993 Chen Kaige
320 Letter from an Unknown Woman 81.59 93.10 79.84 79.31 1948 Max Ophüls
321 The Grand Budapest Hotel 81.58 87.64 80.72 79.19 2014 Wes Anderson
322 The Virgin Spring 81.58 82.45 80.70 80.66 1960 Ingmar Bergman
323 The Red Balloon 81.57 90.20 79.93 80.30 1956 Albert Lamorisse
324 Stagecoach 81.57 94.58 77.69 78.94 1939 John Ford
325 Mulholland Drive 81.56 80.61 79.60 77.87 2001 David Lynch
326 A Matter of Life and Death 81.49 92.60 81.91 76.27 1946 Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger
327 High Noon 81.48 90.58 79.27 78.94 1952 Fred Zinnemann
328 Orpheus 81.48 96.20 79.88 78.90 1950 Jean Cocteau
329 Life of Brian 81.47 82.98 80.78 79.81 1979 Terry Jones
330 Casino 81.46 74.23 81.54 81.75 1995 Martin Scorsese
331 Kagemusha 81.44 82.93 80.01 80.43 1980 Akira Kurosawa
332 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid 81.43 76.08 80.53 81.85 1969 George Roy Hill
333 In a Lonely Place 81.43 92.45 80.42 78.77 1950 Nicholas Ray
334 Scarface 81.43 71.30 81.97 82.18 1983 Brian De Palma
335 A Short Film About Killing 81.42 87.35 79.89 80.38 1988 Krzysztof Kieślowski
336 Beauty and the Beast 81.41 92.05 79.28 78.32 1946 Jean Cocteau
337 The Hustler 81.39 92.45 80.43 78.97 1961 Robert Rossen
338 Cléo from 5 to 7 81.38 91.65 80.03 79.11 1962 Agnès Varda
339 Fireworks 81.37 90.15 80.01 79.63 1997 Takeshi Kitano
340 Room 81.36 88.41 80.43 79.48 2015 Lenny Abrahamson
341 Mad Max: Fury Road 81.35 90.39 79.76 77.80 2015 George Miller
342 Steamboat Bill, Jr. 81.32 95.75 79.30 79.23 1928 Charles Reisner, Buster Keaton
343 Judgment at Nuremberg 81.31 71.58 82.24 83.03 1961 Stanley Kramer
344 The Straight Story 81.30 87.15 79.64 79.88 1999 David Lynch
345 Meshes of the Afternoon 81.29 96.25 77.91 79.99 1943 Maya Deren, Alexandr Hackenschmied
346 Alice in the Cities 81.28 86.70 79.60 80.20 1974 Wim Wenders
347 Akira 81.28 80.90 81.12 79.98 1988 Katsuhiro Otomo
348 Good Will Hunting 81.27 79.38 81.97 81.05 1997 Gus Van Sant
349 The Miracle Worker 81.25 85.15 78.88 81.55 1962 Arthur Penn
350 Talk to Her 81.25 87.48 79.33 78.71 2002 Pedro Almodóvar
351 The Graduate 81.24 85.58 78.91 79.97 1967 Mike Nichols
352 Beauty and the Beast 81.22 92.28 79.20 78.77 1991 Gary Trousdale, Kirk Wise
353 The Heiress 81.19 94.45 80.20 79.76 1949 William Wyler
354 Fantasia 81.18 93.03 76.76 79.95 1940 Samuel Armstrong, James Algar
355 Au Revoir les Enfants 81.18 94.25 80.14 78.92 1987 Louis Malle
356 Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri 81.18 88.62 79.36 79.90 2017 Martin McDonagh
357 Inglourious Basterds 81.17 79.05 81.06 80.51 2009 Quentin Tarantino
358 Elevator to the Gallows 81.16 90.45 79.31 78.56 1958 Louis Malle
359 Gladiator 81.16 75.39 81.69 81.52 2000 Ridley Scott
360 Through a Glass Darkly 81.15 93.60 81.11 78.86 1961 Ingmar Bergman
361 Million Dollar Baby 81.15 87.41 77.43 80.72 2004 Clint Eastwood
362 Days of Heaven 81.15 90.75 80.19 77.08 1978 Terrence Malick
363 Do the Right Thing 81.15 90.78 80.26 77.04 1989 Spike Lee
364 Out of the Past 81.14 91.40 80.73 77.92 1947 Jacques Tourneur
365 Strangers on a Train 81.11 93.30 80.01 78.68 1951 Alfred Hitchcock
366 Blue Velvet 81.11 83.48 78.98 77.09 1986 David Lynch
367 That Obscure Object of Desire 81.09 89.40 79.59 78.11 1977 Luis Buñuel
368 What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? 81.08 80.23 80.74 80.75 1962 Robert Aldrich
369 My Night at Maud's 81.07 88.15 79.51 79.42 1969 Éric Rohmer
370 The Earrings of Madame de… 81.07 92.15 80.36 77.05 1953 Max Ophüls
371 The Conversation 81.04 89.23 80.03 77.44 1974 Francis Ford Coppola
372 The Killing 81.03 91.50 79.51 79.21 1956 Stanley Kubrick
373 The Servant 81.03 87.83 79.45 78.57 1963 Joseph Losey
374 The Intouchables 81.03 67.15 82.13 84.70 2011 Olivier Nakache, Éric Toledano
375 The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp 81.01 94.15 81.57 75.44 1943 Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger
376 Jaws 81.01 90.98 79.91 75.70 1975 Steven Spielberg
377 Winter Light 81.01 73.55 81.51 79.95 1963 Ingmar Bergman
378 Love Exposure 81.01 80.88 82.23 79.55 2008 Sion Sono
379 Hiroshima Mon Amour 81.00 92.95 80.13 77.99 1959 Alain Resnais
380 Day for Night 80.98 92.55 80.21 78.27 1973 François Truffaut
381 Ratatouille 80.97 92.73 78.72 78.68 2007 Brad Bird
382 Ghost in the Shell 80.97 81.43 79.98 81.15 1995 Mamoru Oshii
383 Germany Year Zero 80.95 92.00 77.80 80.03 1948 Roberto Rossellini
384 Spotlight 80.93 93.00 79.75 77.55 2015 Tom McCarthy
385 Die Hard 80.93 79.58 81.11 79.43 1988 John McTiernan
386 Laura 80.93 93.80 79.70 78.47 1944 Otto Preminger
387 Sleuth 80.93 89.95 79.16 80.87 1972 Joseph L. Mankiewicz
388 The Diving Bell and the Butterfly 80.92 88.64 79.69 77.84 2007 Julian Schnabel
389 The Handmaiden 80.92 85.99 82.55 77.41 2016 Park Chan-wook
390 Stand by Me 80.90 80.20 81.28 79.54 1986 Rob Reiner
391 Wolf Children 80.90 80.15 80.40 81.27 2012 Mamoru Hosoda
392 Marriage Story 80.88 92.86 79.40 77.75 2019 Noam Baumbach
393 Shoeshine 80.87 93.75 79.02 79.38 1946 Vittorio De Sica
394 Freaks 80.85 84.70 77.66 80.31 1932 Tod Browning
395 Nosferatu 80.85 93.75 78.29 79.14 1922 F. W. Murnau
396 Dial M for Murder 80.84 77.60 81.17 81.31 1954 Alfred Hitchcock
397 Amour 80.81 90.90 77.74 78.19 2012 Michael Haneke
398 12 Years a Slave 80.80 94.00 79.74 76.94 2013 Steve McQueen
399 The Nightmare Before Christmas 80.77 85.38 79.26 79.69 1993 Henry Selick
400 Cabaret 80.77 84.68 77.34 80.69 1972 Bob Fosse
401 Central Station 80.77 83.28 80.91 78.52 1998 Walter Salles
402 Landscape in the Mist 80.74 71.35 80.76 80.28 1988 Theo Angelopoulos
403 1917 80.73 84.37 80.65 79.33 2019 Sam Mendes
404 Intolerance: Love's Struggle Throughout the Ages 80.71 93.98 75.69 78.01 1916 D. W. Griffith
405 Call Me by Your Name 80.71 91.25 79.43 77.87 2017 Luca Guadagnino
406 Midnight Cowboy 80.71 82.98 79.10 79.50 1969 John Schlesinger
407 Shadow of a Doubt 80.70 94.38 79.31 76.04 1943 Alfred Hitchcock
408 Interstellar 80.70 74.16 81.30 82.25 2014 Christopher Nolan
409 Hannah and Her Sisters 80.69 88.95 79.15 77.98 1986 Woody Allen
410 Monsters, Inc. 80.68 85.29 79.37 80.08 2001 Pete Docter, David Silverman
411 The Testament of Dr. Mabuse 80.65 85.85 79.40 79.38 1933 Fritz Lang
412 Downfall 80.64 83.53 81.54 78.55 2004 Oliver Hirschbiegel
413 Being There 80.64 87.30 79.42 78.06 1979 Hal Ashby
414 The Killer 80.63 92.60 79.27 78.66 1989 John Woo
415 My Left Foot: The Story of Christy Brown 80.63 93.23 78.13 79.15 1989 Jim Sheridan
416 Jean de Florette 80.60 88.40 80.18 79.69 1986 Claude Berri
417 The Big Lebowski 80.57 74.80 82.28 78.57 1998 Coen Brothers
418 The King's Speech 80.57 90.86 78.50 78.59 2010 Tom Hooper
419 Whisper of the Heart 80.55 79.98 80.80 80.31 1995 Yoshifumi Kondō
420 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial 80.54 93.08 77.22 77.82 1982 Steven Spielberg
421 Infernal Affairs 80.54 79.83 79.92 80.22 2002 Andrew Lau, Alan Mak
422 The Prestige 80.54 72.22 82.71 81.38 2006 Christopher Nolan
423 Our Hospitality 80.54 92.85 77.72 79.58 1923 Buster Keaton, John G. Blystone
424 Zootopia 80.53 85.22 78.84 80.18 2016 Byron Howard, Rich Moore
425 Toy Story 2 80.49 92.59 78.51 77.05 1999 John Lasseter, Ash Brannon, Lee Unkrich
426 Klaus 80.48 75.00 81.07 81.41 2019 Sergio Pablos
427 The Big Sleep 80.45 92.10 79.74 77.58 1946 Howard Hawks
428 Ford v Ferrari 80.45 83.94 79.37 80.01 2019 James Mangold
429 Dead Poets Society 80.44 78.70 79.43 80.75 1989 Peter Weir
430 The Terminator 80.43 89.08 78.26 78.13 1984 James Cameron
431 Naked 80.43 84.48 80.39 77.34 1993 Mike Leigh
432 Dangal 80.41 83.00 79.68 80.56 2016 Nitesh Tiwari
433 Kwaidan 80.40 81.80 79.75 79.42 1964 Masaki Kobayashi
434 The Man Who Would Be King 80.40 90.55 78.24 77.79 1975 John Huston
435 Wild Tales 80.38 82.57 80.48 79.22 2014 Damián Szifron
436 Groundhog Day 80.38 80.08 79.31 79.35 1993 Harold Ramis
437 Catch Me If You Can 80.38 83.44 78.74 80.57 2002 Steven Spielberg
438 I Vitelloni 80.36 90.28 77.64 78.06 1953 Federico Fellini
439 The Big Heat 80.35 92.90 79.27 77.87 1953 Fritz Lang
440 The Double Life of Véronique 80.35 82.63 80.19 77.87 1991 Krzysztof Kieślowski
441 Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? 80.35 82.58 80.19 78.43 1966 Mike Nichols
442 Requiem for a Dream 80.33 71.39 81.39 80.93 2000 Darren Aronofsky
443 Rope 80.33 79.20 80.31 79.30 1948 Alfred Hitchcock
444 Love and Death 80.33 89.83 77.55 78.50 1975 Woody Allen
445 The Remains of the Day 80.29 86.88 78.75 78.80 1993 James Ivory
446 Jules and Jim 80.28 93.70 78.30 77.94 1962 François Truffaut
447 The Gospel According to Matthew 80.28 88.30 76.50 78.52 1964 Pier Paolo Pasolini
448 How to Train Your Dragon 80.27 81.97 79.45 80.24 2010 Chris Sanders, Dean DeBlois
449 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 80.27 88.50 78.81 78.53 2011 David Yates
450 Cat on a Hot Tin Roof 80.26 87.05 79.46 79.79 1958 Richard Brooks
451 The French Connection 80.26 93.35 78.04 76.89 1971 William Friedkin
452 Opening Night 80.25 78.05 80.50 79.25 1977 John Cassavetes
453 Hotel Rwanda 80.24 84.54 79.34 79.40 2004 Terry George
454 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days 80.22 92.51 77.76 76.22 2007 Cristian Mungiu
455 Tampopo 80.22 92.40 81.20 77.01 1985 Juzo Itami
456 Scarface 80.22 93.50 76.43 79.55 1932 Howard Hawks, Howard Hughes
457 The Face of Another 80.21 87.50 79.61 79.34 1966 Hiroshi Teshigahara
458 The Roaring Twenties 80.21 86.20 77.79 80.68 1939 Raoul Walsh
459 Pickpocket 80.20 93.80 76.41 76.47 1959 Robert Bresson
460 Kiki's Delivery Service 80.20 85.45 79.87 78.84 1989 Hayao Miyazaki
461 A Prophet 80.19 89.61 79.53 76.14 2009 Jacques Audiard
462 Zelig 80.19 90.00 76.50 80.29 1983 Woody Allen
463 Trouble in Paradise 80.18 88.20 79.35 77.62 1932 Ernst Lubitsch
464 Gran Torino 80.17 76.27 78.57 82.36 2008 Clint Eastwood
465 Last Year at Marienbad 80.16 88.25 78.29 77.37 1961 Alain Resnais
466 All the President's Men 80.15 85.95 80.48 76.46 1976 Alan J. Pakula
467 Breaking the Waves 80.15 79.85 78.46 79.55 1996 Lars von Trier
468 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 80.14 74.28 81.44 80.57 1989 Steven Spielberg
469 Divorce Italian Style 80.12 91.00 79.28 78.26 1961 Pietro Germi
470 Edward Scissorhands 80.12 78.65 78.09 80.73 1990 Tim Burton
471 The Thing 80.12 67.98 82.60 79.34 1982 John Carpenter
472 Perfect Blue 80.11 74.05 80.91 80.09 1997 Satoshi Kon
473 Down by Law 80.10 79.03 78.98 79.61 1986 Jim Jarmusch
474 Bringing Up Baby 80.10 90.75 78.25 76.45 1938 Howard Hawks
475 The Phantom of Liberty 80.09 85.10 78.89 78.66 1974 Luis Buñuel
476 Bonnie and Clyde 80.07 85.38 78.16 78.23 1967 Arthur Penn
477 The Incredibles 80.07 89.69 79.77 75.78 2004 Brad Bird
478 Rocky 80.04 79.73 79.17 79.29 1976 John G. Avildsen
479 His Girl Friday 80.03 94.15 79.24 76.72 1940 Howard Hawks
480 Mommy 80.03 80.79 80.39 79.13 2014 Xavier Dolan
481 Mon Oncle 80.03 88.00 78.03 78.76 1958 Jacques Tati
482 My Fair Lady 79.99 91.85 77.53 78.00 1964 George Cukor
483 Charade 79.98 85.55 79.37 78.72 1963 Stanley Donen
484 Stalag 17 79.95 87.13 79.62 77.79 1953 Billy Wilder
485 Boyhood 79.95 97.08 76.08 75.95 2014 Richard Linklater
486 The Secret in Their Eyes 79.95 82.49 81.27 77.67 2009 Juan José Campanella
487 Ninotchka 79.95 90.15 77.99 78.50 1939 Ernst Lubitsch
488 Pierrot le Fou 79.94 81.75 77.84 76.65 1965 Jean-Luc Godard
489 The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser 79.94 89.10 78.30 78.27 1974 Werner Herzog
490 Stroszek 79.94 88.40 79.50 77.77 1977 Werner Herzog
491 A Hard Day's Night 79.93 93.73 76.82 77.08 1964 Richard Lester
492 Onibaba 79.90 74.75 79.42 79.96 1964 Kaneto Shindo
493 Repulsion 79.85 92.68 77.29 76.57 1965 Roman Polanski
494 Like Stars on Earth 79.85 80.50 79.54 79.86 2007 Aamir Khan, Amole Gupte
495 Duck Soup 79.84 92.33 79.01 74.92 1933 Leo McCarey
496 Carlito's Way 79.83 70.28 79.16 82.01 1993 Brian De Palma
497 Nashville 79.82 93.23 76.89 74.92 1975 Robert Altman
498 The Triplets of Belleville 79.82 88.97 76.57 78.66 2003 Sylvain Chomet
499 Dr. Mabuse the Gambler 79.81 85.10 76.88 79.98 1922 Fritz Lang
500 Gone Girl 79.79 83.03 79.32 78.87 2014 David Fincher
If you found this list interesting, I would really appreciate it if you can give my newish Youtube channel a subscribe. It would mean a lot. As always, if you know of or use any other movie website, definitely let me know. Thanks guys.
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2020.09.22 01:48 HTFGamesStudio X4 Foundations Guide Full List

- Basics:
Including the following guides:
  1. Scan Mode & Long Range Scan:
  2. How to Find Missions in early game:
  3. How to Sell Captured Ships:
  4. How to Hire, Manage & Fire crew:
  5. Buy New Ship & Upgrade & Repair:
  6. How to Autodock & Docking Tips and Tricks:
  7. How to use Filters:
  8. How to Trade:
  9. Getting Started Trading - Auto Trade:
  10. How to Buy Trading Ship:
  11. How to Mine:
  12. Getting Started Mining Guide - Automated:
  13. How to Buy Mining Ship:
  14. How to Explore:
  15. How to Auto Explore:
  16. If scanned by police what you can do:
  17. How to Gain Reputation:
  18. How to get license:
  19. How to Unlock Black Market:
  20. How to Craft Spacesuit EMP Bomb:
  21. How to unlock SETA Mode:
  22. How to Teleport:
  23. Fleet Guide:
  24. Boarding and How to Capture Ship & Extra Tips:
  25. How to set Global Settings:
  26. Tips and Tricks to Explore Sector Full Map:
  27. Reveal Full Map & Explorer Achievement:
  28. How to hack Data Vault & some Tips and Tricks:
  29. All 28 Data Vault Location & Historican Achievement:
  30. How you can Claim a Sector:
  31. How to Hack Station Terminal:
  32. Crafting Guide: Hacking Terminal Tools:
  33. Performance Guide:
  34. How to Open Lockbox:
  35. How to Repair:
  36. Autopilot Guide:
  37. How to Dock:
  38. Destroy Station Guide:
  39. Getting Blueprints Guide:
  40. Wreck Guide:
  41. Getting Started Guide - New Game Starts:

- Equipment:
  1. Weapons Guide:
  2. Mines Guide:
  3. Deployables Guide:
  4. How to Mod Ship:
  5. Turrets Guide:
  6. Missiles Guide:

- Ship:
  1. How to Autodock & Docking Tips and Tricks:
  2. Scan Mode & Long Range Scan:
  3. How to Sell Captured Ships:
  4. How to unlock SETA Mode:
  5. Boarding and How to Capture Ship & Extra Tips:
  6. Buy New Ship & Upgrade & Repair Guide:
  7. How to Buy Mining Ship:
  8. How to Buy Trading Ship:

- Achievement:
  1. How to do Space Odyssey Achievement:
  2. How to do AdBlock Achievement & destroy 20 ad sign:
  3. All 28 Data Vault Location & Historican Achievement:
  4. Reveal Full Map & Explorer Achievement:

- Missions:
  1. How to Find Missions in early game:
  2. How to do the Main Quest: Scientific Expedition:

- Farm:
  1. How to farm Crystal Clusters:
  2. How to farm Spacefly Caviar & Spacefly Eggs:
  3. How to Make Money Fast - Early Game 30M:

- Station Building:
  1. How to Build, Manage & Supervise a Station:
  2. How to Increase Efficiency & Workforce:
  3. Station Building Guide: Medical Supply Production:
  4. Station Building Guide: Food Rations Production:
  5. Station Building Guide: Nostrop Oil Production:
  6. How to Build Factory focused on Soja Husk Production:
  7. Station Building Guide: Smart Chips Production:
  8. Station Profit Calculation - Smart Chips Production**:**
  9. Station Building Guide: Claytronics Production:
  10. Station Building Guide: Antimatter Converter Production:
  11. How to Build Factory focused on Hull Part production:
  12. Station Building Guide: Advanced Electronics Production:
  13. Station Building Guide: Engine Part Production:
  14. Station Building Guide: Weapon Components Production:
  15. Station Building Guide: Field Coil Production:
  16. Station Building Guide: Turret Components Production:
  17. Station Building Guide: Advanced Composites Production:
  18. Station Building Guide: Drone Components Production:
  19. Station Building Guide: Scanning Array Production:
  20. Station Building Guide: Shield Components Production:
  21. Station Building Guide Maja Dust Production:
  22. Station Building Guide Spaceweed Production:
  23. Station Building Guide Spacefuel Production:
  24. Station Building Guide - Self Sufficient Wharf:
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2020.09.22 00:29 FamilyGuy2 Leon Sarventis

Name: Team: Age: Gender: Species: Aura:
Leon Sarventis N/A 18 Male Human Gold


Mental # Physical # Social #
Intelligence 4 Strength 2 Presence 2
Wits 2 Dexterity 2 Manipulation 1
Resolve 4 Stamina 2 Composure 4


Mental -3 Physical -1 Social -1
Academics 0 Athletics 0 Empathy 3
Tech 4 Brawl 4 Expression 0
Craft 3 Drive 0 Intimidation 0
Survival 0 Melee Weapons 0 Persuasion 0
Medicine 4 Sleight of Hand 0 Socialize 0
Politics 0 Ranged Weapons 0 Streetwise 0
Dust 2 Stealth 0 Subterfuge 0
Grimm 0 Investigation 4


Merits # Flaws # Aura/Weapons #
Caster 0 Malfunction 1 Capacity 3
Focus 1 Self-Centered 1 Power 4
Extended Aura Pool 2 Overconfident (Mental) 1 Weapon 1
Dust Infused Semblance (Gravity) 1 Aura Powered 2
Modern Armor 2
Custom Armor (Defense) 1


Health Aura Pool Armor Passive Defense Speed Initiative Perception
9 13 4 / 5 2 9 6 6


Name Value Notes
Brawl 7
Ranged 9 Focus calculated with [Power+Int+(Weapon/2)
Thrown 2
Melee 2
Aura Strike 10 2 AP
All Out Aura Strike 12 No Defense 2 AP


Astral Body
Leon's drive to become the individual to start traversing the stars helped unlock the ability to use his aura to create a sort of gravity well meant to create constructs of similar appearance. Whenever he uses his semblance, his hair starts floating around as if in orbit. He trusts very few people with assisting him in most subjects, rather if it was not done by him then it wasn't done right. His ambitions as well as his intellect rival none as his semblance proves that he is above most of the drivel around him.
Name Cost Description Effect Action Attack
Supernova 4AP + (XAP) Leon transforms his aura and condenses it into a ball of radiating energy. It acts like a miniature star with its own orbit and radiating its own light. When it collides against any surface or being, the stored energy explodes outwards and causes a rather large explosion. The more aura he puts into the energy, the bigger the explosive yield will be. Leon creates a sphere of energy which launches right towards a point. Everyone within [Power + (XAP/2)]/2 radius rolls their [Defense] against an [Power + Intelligence + (XAP)] attack. Major [Power + Intelligence + (XAP)] against enemy's [Defense]
Gravity Field 3AP Funneling his aura through his feet, Leon can create an area of heavy pressure around himself. By manipulating the gravity around him with dense aura particles, each step towards him becomes even harder. The ground radiates a mixture of gold and black with each pulse or step someone takes inside the field. In [Intelligence/2] yards around Leon, the area is treated as difficult terrain. If anyone enters or finishes their turn in that area, they need to make a [Strength] vs [Power] check to stay on their feet. Otherwise they fall prone and follow the same rules for getting up from prone. This lasts for [Resolve/2] turns. Move
Orbital Rebounder 4AP Leon can manipulate the gravity around himself by making his aura tougher and heavier, therefore more capable of taking any blows. Often thinking that the best offense is a good defense and calculating anything while under duress is best done with the protection he can offer to only himself. While under the effect, his skin begins to pulse a gold and black while it is up. Leon's aura armor increases by [Powe2] for [Intelligence/2] turns. While up, any melee or brawl attack that deals no damage rolls a contested [Dust + Power] against the highest of [Strength or Dexterity]. If they fail the check, they get pushed back [Resolve/2] yards back. Minor
Astral Realization 6AP Science can only barely scratch the potential energy of a star which it gives based on theorycrafting and constant experimentation.. With practice and enough aura, the boy could only reach a fraction of that energy he could use to bolster his strength and dexterity for a limited time. His body reflects that of a constellation of stars, showing multiple stars across a pitch black void across his skin. Afterwards due to the sudden increased muscle tension and use, his body collapses due to overexhaustion and returns to normal. Leon takes a FRA to bolster his body with aura. If he takes any damage above [Stamina + Resolve]/2 damage, then the channel gets stopped and does nothing. Once the full channel is done, his [Strength] and [Dexterity] (along with all stats that affect it) get an additional [Resolve]. This lasts for [Intelligence/2 +1] turns. This ability can only be used once per day and suffers the effects of Aura Powered right after. Full Round

Physical Description

Leon Sarventis is a very unassuming figure. He stands around six feet tall even and weighs in at around 130 pounds with a rather thin, lanky figure to go along with his pale skin. A full head of sandy blonde hair that is parted towards his right to contrast against the cold blue eye color he has. In addition he sports a couple of crows feet from the constant staying awake for several hours in tandem with a pair of clear circular glasses with no top rim. His left foot is replaced with a chrome mechanical foot that he had gotten assistance with.
Aside from school attire, both his combat attire and his day to day social attire are in tandem. He often goes with a rather long black scientist’s garb which was carefully woven by Leon. The fabric has a layer of lightweight kevlar deftly woven over the entirety of the jacket for both fashion and practical use as it extends down towards his ankles. Inside his jacket are several pockets which a variety of different tools and other things. Underneath the scientist’s jacket is a wrinkled white dress shirt that is tucked underneath his blue jeans.
On Leon’s forearms are his Gemini Gauntlets in standby form which are just two inch black chrome bands that rest just short of his elbows. Lastly he sports a pair of worn out black sneakers.

Weapon Description

Gemini Gauntlets
Leon’s weapon of choice is his first initial attempt to try and record the potential energy of a star. It has two forms which is the standby form which is just a pair of two inch black chrome bands with a few stars around the entirety of the band. When activated via his own voice, they extend out and cover his hands entirely.
When extended, multiple different constellations are painted on towards the gauntlets as several iconic ones can be recognized such as Gemini, Pisces, Scorpio...etc on each one. The gauntlet has several rivets separated every two inches that cover his own forearms and hands. On the palm of each one of the gauntlets a ocular one inch lens across that he often channels his aura and semblance into. When he fires off a shot, it is a line of condensed aura and gravity dust, firing off a beam of energy. Each beam being able to be affected by various different dust crystals he stores inside vials which can be inserted around his forearms.


The Sarventis’ family dream was always to be the first family to visit the stars beyond Remnant’s skies. Leon’s always been taught that the family was destined to be the ones to finally crack the equation and jumpstart all efforts to break the barrier. His father Cobalt is the lead scientist at R.A.C.E (Remnant Alliance of Creative Exquisitors). The group was a think-tank group which stationed themselves in Atlas. They often conducted experiments pertaining to dust and further technologies that would bolster the entire planet in achieving that dream. The boy’s mother, Flare, was a doctor in a major medical hospital. The two met while in college and after a few years of talking, the two tied the knot by making the boy and decided to get married.
Leon was quick to separate himself from his other peers, showing a great aptitude and a healthy curiosity in all things intellectual. By the time he was five years old, when normal kids were studying how to read, the boy was reading at several levels above his own. Soon his curiosity would span towards his father’s work as most of his family gatherings were always at night watching the stars glisten in the air. He was told that it was their legacy to be the ones to do it, that no one else would be able to get it right.
At an early age, a sense of mental superiority and overconfidence dwelled within Leon. Although he was never one to criticize the others, he treated his peers more like children and beneath him. This was further reinforced when he was taken out of schooling to be taught by several tutors who could teach him at a faster pace than what public schooling was doing. Although he would not be as booksmart as either Cobalt or Flare, the boy’s love of scientific theory, math, science and healthy curiosity of anything in those lines were soon fine tuned to be the pillar for his education. His down time as a child often consisted of following his mother or father around their jobs often helping.
When Leon was with Flare, he was quickly introduced to the grim reality of what people struggled against. He saw death, blood and sorrow amongst some of the patients that his mother was caring over. The boy at first nearly vomited at the sight of a body, but then was told by his mother that Grimm were terrible beings that took her parents. His grandparents were hunters that fought against them and died in the middle of an attack which wiped out a village… Leon took this as one of the many reasons why he needed to get smarter and brilliant. So wanting to fuel his resolve and ready himself for any harsh future he began to volunteer his time at the hospital whenever he could.
However a good portion of Leon’s time was spent with Cobalt at the R.A.C.E think-tank location. To which he saw a variety of different experiments being performed. Looking at the molecules being affected by gravity dust, finding alternate sources of energy, studying the stars were just a few of the plethora experiments that the boy partook in with supervision from everyone there. One good mentor that his boy met was a rather brilliant rabbit faunus by the name of Luna. She would serve as someone who would overlook his curiosities and made sure that the entire group was okay as she also served as the group's doctor.
While underneath Luna’s tutelage, Leon learned about her previous work as a huntress and how it allowed her to get an education as a doctor. About her time at Beacon academy and the praise worthy books and collection of data, a rather wild group of people. Although he was fascinated with the idea of being a hunter, right now his distinction was being a scientist and working to achieve the goal of reaching the stars.
Both the hospital and the research lab would treat Leon as if their own child and worker. Showing a rather healthy work ethic and curiosity as he soon found himself going into his habit of treating others like children. It annoyed people, sure, but with each year he quickly curbed his own treatment of them and simply treated every work he did was only for his benefit. Always something to learn, something to test and if it could help his dream of going into the stars, well then he’ll be quite excited and technical about it.
This would go on for a few years before there was an incident going on. Leon was around 10 years old when he spotted one of his father’s colleagues sneaking around towards his office. The boy followed behind and spotted him trying to download all of the information off his computer. As the boy entered in to ask about what was going on, the thief quickly got up and swung his foot across his body… before taking a few steps back as Leon flew. However the boy got up and tried again as he would be met with the same fate as last time. This repeated on for nearly a minute as the boy kept getting up. Eventually the thief decided to try and simply knock out the boy, but was disrupted by a flying kick to his own face.
Luna came in before subduing the thief in a brief flash. The rabbit faunus ended up pressing her knees on the man’s back as his arms were held up in the air as she asked the boy if she was alright. Leon seemed shocked by the sudden appearance of his mentor as he stood up and wiped off a bit of blood from his lip to realize that it was still downloading information. So upon making sure to disconnect the download, he pulled the hard drive out as guards and his own father came in. The thief would be arrested and the boy would get a lecture on staying safe, but then decided that perhaps there was an easier way to help make sure he is safe.
So Luna would be hired to teach Leon how to handle himself using his hands and feet. Although the boy was not that physically adept, his technical reading of the situation combined with understanding how the body worked helped him compensate for the lack of raw ability. As a former huntress that graduated Beacon, she knew how to teach him fairly well. Enough to where he would be able to unlock his aura and begin interweaving that into his training. However upon using it, he would find himself collapsing down and unconscious for the moment.
Thankfully Leon would come to realize that he needed to increase his aura pool to avoid any sort of fate thanks to a quick check up from his mother and father. So for the next four years he spent honing his mental skills by eventually branching out to just spending his time learning about both the medical field and the scientific field. Combined with his self defense training by using his hands and feet, the boy was quick on the way to becoming an ideal scientist who embodies the family legacy. Being able to diagnose diseases, injuries, and other medical factors while being able to calculate Pi to 1000 places and figure out the potential energy of a star was par for the course as he grew up.
One thing that Leon was often met with was failure. As someone determined to try and figure out ways to find alternate sources of breaking the stratosphere and into space, the boy knew that there were no guarantees. So he chalked up each failure as a way of eliminating that option, often theorycrafting even while in the hospital about ideas. Even asking some of the patients about the dilemma who could only offer the vaguest of ideas.
So eventually Leon would be put in charge of a special program for one singular purpose, developing an alternate energy that worked out in space. He was given a team to work with alongside a fair bit of funding thanks to donors from around Remnant. Working with the growing boy was surprising and yet shocking. The boy overlooked every little detail of this little project as any use of dust was scoffed and laughed at. After two weeks it seemed like he strained a couple of the scientist’s nerves, but when they saw him working alone at night with relative ease… it challenged them to do better.
Although Leon had collapsed a couple of times due to overexhaustion, Luna and Flare kept him relatively healthy while he laid in the hospital and looked over several theories. Every night he would look up towards the stars and think to himself if there was a way of recording that energy or even using it… that would be able to boost up chances of achieving that energy. Solar power wasn’t going to cut it thanks to the atmosphere and dust was not going to work fairly well. Eventually settling on a nuclear fission and focusing more on creating a destructive energy which had collapsed stars. So he would start with a prototype of gauntlets that would possibly recreate the same method that the sun and stars use to maintain themselves.
When Leon was a teenager (14), he would be doing an experiment about the theoretical energy of a collapsing star with his father while his mother was coming over to give them lunch for the day. Only for the trio to be interrupted by the sounds of gunfire and alarms emitting through the entire building. Cobalt wanted to get his family over to safety, but the boy needed to save this experiment. He felt himself on the verge of a breakthrough, a way to possibly even contain the energy as a way of propelling Remnant forward, as he told his father to get his mother to safety.
Leon stayed against his father’s advice as he made sure to quickly finish the last touches of the experiment before turning around to see the armed intruders starting to make their way over towards the room. The boy knew that if he started to run towards the direction of their father he was not going to make it and possibly get them hurt in the process. So the boy would quickly put on the gauntlets and attempt to bluff them. He didn’t know how much energy could yield from this, but he still had to try.
Eventually the boy would find himself being surrounded by armed intruders as they were going to use him as a hostage… however Leon would quickly open up his palms to start his one last trick up his sleeve. Combining some rare materials and dust, he appeared to start building up what appeared to be a small red ball of pure energy. Like a miniature sun as the boy found amazement in it and had to know how much further it could go, but instead was met with humorous laughs of embarrassment. The idea of people laughing and calling him an idiot only spiked his temper.
Any trace of Leon’s senses were gone as the boy decided to throw risk and infuse as much as he could into it. The small red ball became a massive sphere of energy. All of the sudden the laughter turned to dread as the boy looked towards them before giving one last boast… then crashing the ball right in the middle of the room. Soon that room began to collapse on top of itself, trapping the six of them underneath the rubble.
Leon was unconscious as authorities arrived to subdue and help the others that were there. Out of the people there, seven scientists were killed and three were injured while only three of the armed intruders remained out of the eight that were there. The other five were caught underneath the rubble of the explosion and died. So when the boy woke up two days later, he groaned as he first looked down towards himself to see that he was lacking a left foot and ankle. Then he looked around to see Cobalt, Flare and Luna there as tears poured off their faces.
Leon soon learned that someone within the think-tank stole off with several secrets and designs for plans, which included his gauntlets and the theory of alternate sources of energy. In addition his foot was shattered beyond any sort of repair thanks to debris collapsing on top of his body. So they performed an emergency above the ankle amputation to save his foot. Normally this would disappoint an individual, but not the boy as he looked down at it and then simply got the scroll and began to design some plans for a new one.
As the trio of mentors seemed shocked to see Leon go to work despite being injured, what happened next shocked them further. The boy went and clarified Luna graduating from Beacon before telling her that once he has a new mechanical foot to help him out with his semblance training before applying to the same academy. Which he would then reveal as in the palm of his hand had a miniature red star which made a few paperclips, a rubber band and a pen orbit around it. The boy explained that logically studying with top granted information combined with quality defense training by being a hunter was much preferred instead of just straight experimentation. Although the group appeared surprised by the sudden twist, the boy seemed adamant in his logic. Eventually the group came up with the method of approaching Leon’s combat training. Cobalt and Flare would work on moving towards Vale and a new mechanical foot while Luna trained the boy further with his semblance and hand to hand combat.
The training for Leon was harsh as he often went on day and night practicing his aura and semblance with no stop. Even when he was training with Luna, he was practicing what he could do with his own aura as he could enhance his own abilities for a brief bit, create that same supernova without the assistance of any sort of gauntlets and studied any sort of alternate use for his semblance at every opportunity. Because of the sudden change of venue, himself, his father and Luna all resigned from the R.A.C.E initiative and focused more on preparing the boy for the trials he might undergo at Beacon academy.
As the family moved towards Vale, Leon made sure to bring the original gauntlets and make some tiny tweaks with them. Sleep was the boy’s worst enemy as he constantly stayed up days and nights without any sort of issue thanks to a lot of B-12 shots and experimentation with the same gauntlets and his semblance… and soon some crafty and subtly woven kevlar fabric into his current attire in case someone decided to try and forcefully pry him for more information. The boy needed to be prepared as he vowed to defeat the former huntress in a spar before applying to Beacon academy.
After three years of training, honing his mental aptitude and learning about his semblance, Leon would have finally managed to defeat Luna by luck and with a quick quick towards her jaw. As a brilliant mind, he needed to be strong and he also needed further his studies on his own. So what no better place to do his experiments and training other than at Beacon which had created some of Remnant’s most brilliant minds and fighters alike.


Leon knows he is a genius and he does not hide that fact towards anyone at all. A man of brilliance despite his rough appearance, he developed a healthy curiosity for anything and everything intellectually. Because of his upbringing, he often has a sense of superiority over everyone else. Although he admits his faults in the physical department and dealing with people since he is neither an athlete nor a silver tongue. Instead his boasts are more of the scientific mind as he vows to be the one to lead Remnant to a brighter age across the stars. So often he does his work alone or with individuals he deems smart enough to assist him. Hence he treats everyone like children who once in a while can help out with something small unless they have proven themselves in front of him. This is because of his time during his working in between both his father’s lab and his mother’s hospital. It isn’t that he is insensitive to subjects, he is just terrible at communicating and relating too well.
Normally it takes a lot to wear out Leon since he has spent days and nights simultaneously working his aura, studying different methods of traveling out to space, and working on his self defense teachings. Failing experiment after experiment is not considered terrible for the man, but rather a success as it eliminates choices and variables. Thus it seems like he is a bit optimistic despite numerous reality shaking events.
Often blunt, honest and with a broad vocabulary which frequently flips around expletives, Leon finds a bit of solace in that fact. He deals with facts laid out before him and often rambles on in theory and multiple different variables. Because he is thinking on such a scale, surprising him with something new is difficult and at most won’t get much of a reaction out of him. A few of his downtime hobbies include volunteering at hospitals/infirmaries, working on several different experiments on finding alternate sources of energy, creating simulations and models of his ultimate goal and playing poker.


  • Leon is a corrupt version of Leo which is of the Sun, which in turn is just a star. Sarventis does not have a meaning :p.
  • We need more lab coats :D
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2020.09.21 13:53 LedLeo Ungrouping in Power query sometimes deletes some data

I have noticed some unusual problems with power query, and I was wondering, if someone else has experienced these, and how to bypass them.
So, let's set the stage. We have a folder with an excel file. When we import that file in Excel Power query, we get this table (Note: The first row represents Headers): (Table1)
ID Date
A null
A 28.06.2020
A 30.07.2020
B 24.01.2023
B 10.09.2020
C 09.12.2020
C 19.11.2022
C 10.10.2021
C 10.06.2021
If we search for duplicates in ID column, then we get the table as this: (Table2)
ID Duplicates Details
A 3 Table
B 2 Table
C 4 Table
If we click on "A" Table in Details column, we can see this: (Table3)
ID Date
A null
A 28.06.2020
A 30.07.2020
However, when we expand all the tables, SOMETIMES (Yes, most of the time it works fine) dates disappear and, in the end, it shows like this: (Table4)
ID Date Duplicates
A 3
A 3
A 3
B 2
B 2
C 4
C 4
C 4
C 4
I have also noticed, that it SOMETIMES sets Date as "Text" type, and but even when it changes to text, SOMETIMES it still works okay, just shows date as text.
Are there any explanations, as to what is happening? Has someone else encountered this bug? Are there any possible, "fool-proof" workarounds?
If this relates to the problem, then Excel version: Microsoft Excel for Office 365 MSO 32-bit, version 2002.

Best regards,

EDIT: Clarification purposes
EDIT2: Update example with more precise case (Added null value in the first row, as it might be a determining factor).EDIT3: Real life example
The column is set to date value after appending 2 queries
After manipulating some data, I get this table, where row 82 has null value in date column)
However, row 83 has date value

When ungrouping, as you can see, the data type changes to text, and values change to null (Used sticky notes to hide other data in the table)
EDIT4: Forgot to mention another thing. I have 2 queries, with identical codes, just different sources. One of them spews out these null values, while the other one doesn't, and works just fine.
submitted by LedLeo to excel [link] [comments]

2020.09.21 06:45 -FernFeather- Full Mad Eye Lore including scientific and historical analysis.

I worked really hard on research, compiling all this information, and analyzing it and I would REALLY appreciate if you would check out my YouTube where I do a full video analysis of it, I'm not trying to advertise or anything but if you support this work and you want to see more (and I'm currently working on acrobat's lore analysis as we speak) then showing that support to me on my YT (channel name is FernFeather) would honestly mean the world. But of course as always it's up to you.


Mad eyes
Mad eyes introduction: Burke is the eldest son of a construction worker who grew up playing amongst designs, various machines, and tools. By the time he was 20, he had already acquired local fame for his skills. Hired by a married couple, Burke arrived at Oletus Manor when it was still desolate, rundown and was responsible for most of the architectural designs. As per the wishes of his employer, he led his team of workers and expanded Oletus Manor. In his own time, he added his own touch to the manor, his devices, turning the manor into Burke's secret laboratory. It is said that even up until that unfortunate incident this crazy architect was still planning the addition of new devices.

This analysis will include: a dissection of Burke's deductions in history, a brief history of the development of prostheses, revisiting the abandoned setting of the manor, whiskey and pressure gauges.
Burke's design is mechanical, and slightly reminiscent of steampunk. Despite how unrealistic and stylized his design may appear to be, it actually holds some significant footing in reality. I'll discuss it in points
  1. His prosthesis -
Burke's right hand and left leg have both been replaced with mechanical parts - More commonly referred to as a prosthesis. It's never explained how he lost these limbs - we do however know that the area where he lives has poachers and dangerous traps so it's possible one of these could have contributed to it, but since it's never stated it's also possible he could have purposefully chosen to replace them as he aged. Regardless as to why his prosthetics appear to be fairly rudimentary. Currently there exists certain prosthetics which can sense electrical impulses in the remaining muscles around it and based off of where the impulse is it can move the prosthetic in a certain way. Considering this technology is fairly recent to the current day Burke's prosthesis is most likely a body powered device which relies on the coordinated movements of the user’s own residual and healthy limbs to drive. To be fair the movement of his fingers do appear to be far more coordinated than a body power device would allow but considering he is a mechanical genius I think we can suspend our disbelief a little. In fact most historical prostheses used residual limbs and specific movements to operate most efficiently.
Also, if you look closely, you can see that Burk’s prosthesis has rubber bumpers.
The Civil War may have helped spawn the first major explosion of the United States’ prosthetic device industry. About 70 percent of all wounds sustained by Civil War soldiers affected their limbs which often resulted in amputation. The ghastly nature of the condition of many soldiers returning from conflict led to the federal government taking action in the form of its “Great Civil War Benefaction” program. This little-remembered project made a commitment on behalf of the government to provide prosthetic devices to every Civil War soldier who needed one. As such there were numerous manufacturers building devices on government contracts and the need for these synthetic limbs helps spurred innovation. Beginning in 1863, rubber began to find use along with, or instead of, wood and metal, providing a more natural appearance, better resiliency and more flexibility.
The introduction of rubber in leg prosthetic sockets grew in popularity thanks to New York inventor Dubois Parmelee in 1863. His socket attached to the residual limb using atmospheric pressure, and india rubber was used to comfortably adjust to a patient’s residual limb
Therefore, the time point when Burk replaced his prosthesis was most likely around late 1860s. I specify "replaced" because in his deductions when we first meet him it's most likely around the early 1800s so he either had a different form of prosthesis or was in full fit condition.
  1. His console -
Now that I've harped about his prosthetic let's shift our focus to some other identifying aspects. The "keyboard" used to enter data onto his consoles appears to be altered form of a typewriter. Between 1801 and 1808, Italian Pellegrino Turri invented the first typewriter for his blind friend. Later this typewriter was lost, so it is impossible to know its shape and structure today. The first machine known as the typewriter was patented on 23rd June 1868, by printer and journalist Christopher Latham.
  1. Pressure gauge -
The pressure gauge on the Barker weapon belongs to the Bourdon tube pressure gauge, which is the earliest and most commonly used mechanical pressure measuring instrument. French engineer Eugene Bourdon first invented the Bourdon gauge in 1849. The device enabled accurate measurement of much higher pressures than existing measurement devices. Bourdon designed the device for steam locomotive engines in the late 1840s because of the increasing number of horrific accidents involving very high-pressure steam locomotive engines. The accident rate and number of deaths from steam engine explosions dropped significantly within a couple of years of the introduction of the Bourdon gauge.
Bark’s pressure gauge is probably used to directly measure the steam inside his weapon, to prevent it from bursting suddenly. But why does his weapon need to have pressure in the first place? if he's able to control when steam is released, then the force of the steam exiting the weapon would help to increase the speed and force of his attack. You have to remember he has cute little toothpick arms, and a prosthesis doesn't really provide you much grip, so these alterations to his weapon can give him an advantage. Additionally steam is hot, at atmospheric pressure liquid water transitions to steam 212°F (that's 100°C), according to The burn foundation, just one second at 156° F (69°C) can cause third degree burns. Researchers in Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (EMPA) found the epidermis (the outer layer of skin), cannot properly perform its protective function against water vapour as high temperature vapor easily penetrates to the second layer of skin easily causing second degree burns.
however under the pressure within Burke's weapon the damage caused gets even worse. It takes about 16.67 bar to crush an egg as seen in this experiment (17 kg converts to 16.67 bar)
According to valves online temperature steam reference, assuming this measly pressure alone could increase the temperature of the steam up to 204°C or about 400°F, to put this in perspective frying grease is often between 300 and 500°F interested by the American burn association can cause serious degree burns in less than one second. I know people despise getting hit by Mad eye walls but considering the alternative it might be the less painful option.
Temp steam ref:
Approximate time and temperatures in relation to burns:
Scolding injuries:
  1. Burke's alcohol -
The most common orange-yellow liquor in the UK is whiskey, and because the grain law was abolished at that time, the price of various brewing materials was lowered, and the liquor was cheaper than before.
One of the sources I looked into while researching suggested that Burke may have created his one bottle himself due to the fact that before the 17th century the shapes of wine bottles were mostly blowing by independent craftsmen and after not many wineries created them until much later. But my research into the topic makes me think that the dates simply don't line up. The 1600s was far earlier than when this story takes place, I find it more likely that his bottle could be a gin case bottle: Case gin bottles are square with a more or less distinct taper inwards from the shoulder to the base. This design closely aligns with that of Burke's bottle, in the color of gin it said to have a slightly yellow tint, but in the promotional art for mad eyes we could see that his bottle contains a vividly orange liquid. Could be a decorative flask which would mean that Burke made it or had a friend do so, The only thing which makes me reluctant on this possibility is that most decorative flasks have designs on them, but Burke's appears rather basic. considering that the time frame for the bottle fits that of the case gin bottles it wouldn't be too far of a stretch too assume that this was the bottle he used and he simply filled it with a different liquid. After all his character day notes say that one of his favorite things is vodka which definitely doesn't fit the description of what would be in the bottle.
Whatever he's drinking and regardless of how many alcoholic problems he had he's precious.
  1. What is a "Burke"? -
The surname Burke is derived from the Old English word "burh," which is derived from the Old German word "burg," the common Germanic word for a fortification. It seems likely that the first family to bear this surname would have lived in or near a prehistoric fort situated on a hill.
This name is rather apt considering who Burke is. In a literal sense He's able to construct walls to keep out people he deems as intruders. But on a deeper level he's built a fortification around himself.
  1. Snazzy Accessories -
While this isn’t directly related to his design some of his accessories reveal to us more about his character
Good Old Times -
“A watering can that Burke discovered while tidying up the laboratory. It was full of flowers and plants which reminded him of days gone by.”
Violin -
“His right hand may not be fully functional and his violin may have been slightly damaged in an incident, but Burke enjoys music still. Practice really does make perfect.”
(shows that the loss of his arm came later on in his life and that he had some interesting talents)

To be an architect (a brief exploration into the architecture tendencies of the time):
The Manor was built on speculation (meaning it was built without any intended buyers).
Now we've never seen the entirety of the manner which means that we can only piece together what we know of it from the sections where we explore pieces of the inside and from parts of external view.
What we do know is that around the time the manor was sold for a fairly cheap price, these types of estates were symbols of status which shows that while these people may not have been the most wealthy they did come from a significant social standing.,Middle%20Ages%20(see%20commune%20).
The background of the manor was originally designed with aspects of the 20th century, but based on many deductions and later official changes, the background in the game can be determined to occur in the 19th century. The 19th century was a period of great popularity of romanticism, and under the influence of it, architectural changes also took place-called romantic architecture. The 1830s to 1860s was the early stage of the development of romantic architecture, also known as pre-romanticism. Medieval castle-style mansions and even Eastern architectural sketches appeared.
It has been stated that he may be inspired by Edmund Burke, a Canadian architect from the 19th and 20th century. But this is a loose connection. But he has done some gothic revival and similar style buildings
The background
Next, let’s talk about a background story that may be related to Barker’s deduction. This is the manor’s background story previously released by the official WeChat account, but there are many omissions, which have now been deleted. However, if you compare the cannon with this background you'll see some interesting similarities that correlate to Burke
[Background story that was later scrapped]
Everything starts with Winston Manor (also known as Oulitis Manor):
In the 20th century in Europe, a young couple bought a huge estate in a remote mountain area at a low price. The reason why this manor was so cheap is because the reputation this manor had was not very good (because of the rumors of the past generations) and because of the bad reputation, there were no neighbors around.
After the couple moved into the manor, they renovated the manor, they enjoy Western mythology, which is why the manor is full of it

Just when everyone thought that this family would live a happy life forever, something that no one wanted to mention happened: 24 years ago, the protagonist ushered in his 12th birthday, which was originally a happy thing. However, on this day, the protagonist experienced the saddest thing in the world-he witnessed the brutal murder of his parents by bandits, and the cause of this tragic case was only: the impromptu killings of the surrounding refugees because of the theft. They deliberately created a cruel crime scene afterwards in an attempt to disrupt the clues.
(keep in mind this background story was scrapped although parts of it may still be true)
Here's the link to the full story if you'd like to read it.
The owner of the manor that we see first strongly relates to the deross family we see and Burke's deductions. I'll start going over those here.
Mad eyes deduction
  1. Contract - It used to be a proper job.
Damaged Contract: Signed by Dennis DeRoss and Burke Lapadura.
Combining the background story mentioned earlier, after the couple bought the manor, they started looking for an architect who could work to rebuild it. Burke was young and arrogant, and had a certain reputation, not afraid of the ominous rumors that had spread around the manor he decided to take on the opportunity to work there and pursue his design goal. Considering the reputation that the manor had (as noted in the background story), many workers were dissuaded from pursuing employment at the manor. Due to this, it was the once fearless and talented Burke who undertook most of the architectural design work.
  1. Test Ground - Some saw ruins, while I saw "potential".
Archive 1: Attached are architectural plans for symmetrical towers. A rectangular area is marked in red at the center of the building.
Generally speaking, in regards to architectural designs, red and rectangular marks have special meanings
For example, it can be used to reserve a column position (as is seen in this picture)
This means that, for whatever reason, the floor should be reserved during construction. According to the location, the red rectangle on Barker's drawing may refer to the secret room or safe room that is mentioned later in his deductions. In short, the work entrusted to him by the couple gave full play to his talents and gave him free reign of his architectural abilities, this was an enjoyable endeavor for Burke to undertake.
  1. Labor Force - Robots are more reliable than humans.
Archive 2: Archived drawings of a strange humanoid structure. It seems that hundreds of parts need to be made to complete the design.
As mentioned earlier, most of the design tasks in the manor are done by him alone, and there are many bad rumors about the manor (so maybe not many people are willing to work here), and Burke is not the type who likes to communicate with people. In this case, what he thought of was to make his own form of labor that could help him, aka robots. The specific humanoid structure mentioned in this deduction most likely refers to Guard 26 or BonBon, a metal penguin which he is responsible for creating to help him with his tasks.
  1. Strange Kid - I don't like those noisy living creatures. They give me headaches.
Diary 1: Mr. and Mrs. DeRoss made new building requests, and they even bought their own staff. There was also a strange boy in this annoying group who showed great interest in my studio. I have to find a way to keep him away from my treasures.
Even if he is obsessed with architecture, burke is still very sensitive to changes in the world outside of his direct hobbies. From his point of view the child is getting in his way and putting himself into dangerous situations due to his excessive curiosity
The DeRoss couple seem to care for Burke. But Burke, most likely around his twenties at the time and potentially still a child from the perspective of the older DeRoss couple, obviously only wants to work on his own and in solitude.
A popular theory (translated by @mayousailor on Twitter from @sky5memo - link below) is that The staff the DeRoss family brought included the family of the "strange boy" as he is stated to be "among" the group. The 4th deduction of bonbon supports this: "The little rascal’s gone and misplaced some valuable things again, after coming back from his 'true' parents". One interpretation if this is that he's stealing things for his biological family. Despite who his biological family is, we know the child is at the very least the children the DeRoss's to some extent, most likely through adoption.
In bane's character day letter (and in BonBon's 6th deduction) we get to see that bane is connected to Burke though his occupation on the manor as the gamekeeper. In the letter he states:
"You haven’t come out of the laboratory in almost a month, and the Young Miss - who I'll get to later - and Young Master have started to run into the woods."
If the boy is the young master that means that he has to have some status above that of a common worker.
The assumption that the boy was the son of servants, but eventually adopted by Dennis and his wife, makes this make a lot more sense.
By the way, if you use Mad Eyes in the game, turn the screen to the side and you can see that Burke has a pair of very lovely green eyes. he should have been very handsome when he was young (after all, children are preceptive to appearance and a handsome face will likely gain favor with them, who knows? It could have played a role in why the young boy liked him)
  1. Secret Chamber - Is there a safer place than a room you can't find?
Diary 2: That kid is so annoying. Every time I look back, I can always see his clothes or shoes sticking out from the corner. What an idiot.
With more and more people moving in, the manor is gradually approaching its completion, although Burke is still being hired to continue the expansion work. After mulling over the situation, he decided to move much of his work into the secret room, thinking that he would not be discovered by others working there (is there a safer place than a room that can’t be found?" I think my plan is great!). A potential theory for why he decided to move into this room could have just been that he preferred to work on the tasks that he knew he had to complete in solitude - and with the house growing more populated his room provided him a sanctuary.
But one of the many impossibilities of children is that they have an amazing perception. The secret room Burke spent so long constructing and hiding was easily found by the boy. The child would often secretly watch Burke working in this room. Maybe he wanted to be able to play with Burke (after all, his sister was not born yet so he was possibly lonely), and Burke - unlike the other servants - hasn't had much contact with the child, so it is understandable that he'd be curious. Burke's account explains that he can tell that the child's watching him and he says he finds it annoying - however he never actually does anything to stop him from observing his work.
Burke's words and actions are contradictory but help show who he is as a person - he is strict in his tone, but soft in his heart: Although he said that the child is very annoying and stupid, he did not reprimand the boy or drive him away, but silently complained while indulging the boys curiosity.
  1. Number 26 - This is a breakthrough.
Test Record 1: After No. 26 was instructed to take Wooden Box 1, No. 26 stopped moving after taking Wooden Box 1. After No. 26 was instructed to take any numbered Wooden Box except Box 1, No. 26 left the experimental zone after taking the boxes and began to move towards the unnumbered boxes.
Bark’s experiment (No.26) has made new progress. The 26th iteration of his invention is finally somewhat successful and has a certain degree of autonomy, the robot picks up its designated boxes, within proceeds to pick up boxes which aren't even in the testing zone, contributing that it has the ability to carry out actions it's not programmed with. This will be further explained when I do the video on BonBon, but Burke's creation is something he himself has yet to fully comprehend.
  1. Another - I should have seen it coming.
Diary 3: Darn it, humans will reproduce. I should remember that well. My employer was a young couple, and of course, they had children! The only thing to be grateful for was that the brat's attention was completely diverted to "Miss DeRoss", because that gave me time to finish my work. (Optimize secret room)
Time passed, and the boy had his own sister (the child the young couple gave birth to) and everyone's attention was focused on "Miss Delos" - which is the name of the baby. There were no children to bother for a while, and Burke began to optimize his secret room (aka man cave) and guard 26.
  1. Small issue - They will never surprise me anymore.
Test Record 2: After No. 26 was given the command to start, it started playing a voice that was never input. Curse those brats! Miss DeRoss, in particular, should stay away from my Robots! They don't need names like cats and dogs.
Burke continued his experiments. During this time, he was continuing work on Guard 26, his Magnum opus. "Miss Deros" had also grown up with her brother, and had become a new headache for poor Burke. They take to giving names befitting pets to his creations. Most notably when the little girl gives guard 26 the name BonBon, which the robot files in his memory banks. Burke find these names childish and he is seen in some of BonBon's deductions trying to erase this name from his memory bank.
What's even more interesting is how he responds in tweets. Idv Twitter in Japan likes to post character responses to questions and statements posted by fans. Pascal/uranatte (link to his Twitter in description and his koi-fi or you can support is good work and translations if you'd like)
“Bonbon? Bunbun? Penpen? Banban? Which one–––!!!?”
……… It’s No. 26
“Bonbon’s Penpen is so cute but I can’t roll Bonbon’s Hophop”
It’s No. 26 No. 26 No. 26!!
It’s Halloween–!
Have some liqueur bonbons!”
“Bonbon” comes from the “Bom” of “Bomb”, not from bonbon the candy……
…… Anyways, its name isn’t Bonbon in the first place!!
It’s No. 26!!
Here mad eye gets defensive about how his name is in reference to his bombs. He seems to act as if he doesn't like guard 26's nickname but he is quick to defend it.
“Banban becoming a Mister Bear is so cute. I’m looking forward to it Penpen”
It’s neither Banban nor Mister Bear and it’s not Penpen either!!
It’s Bonbon!!
…… Wait, no!!
It’s No. 26!!
Here Burke is shown slipping up and calling him bonbon himself. He may not like the name but at least in some subconscious part of him it stuck.
Burke's daily life in the old manor was probably like this often, having to deal with kids giving his inventions silly little names. despite his stated distaste for it he never actually does anything significant to stop them and doesn't really start seriously changing BonBon until after the incident (which will be mentioned later) he is a very warm guy but seems to be having a headache from everyone's stupidity 24/7
  1. The mob - Human's stupidity always amazes me.
Deduction: Diary 4: They took everyone, including the children. I should have set the Robot to guard this place. It's too late, it's far too late.
The story here should correspond to the gangster in the original background story:
24 years ago, the protagonist ushered in his 12th birthday. This was originally a happy thing, but on this day, the protagonist experienced the saddest thing in the world. He witnessed the brutal murder of his parents by bandits, but the cause of this tragic case was only: the impromptu homicide of the surrounding refugees because of the theft, they deliberately created a cruel crime scene afterwards in order to disturb the clues.
Of course, there is a big discrepancy between Burke's deduction and this, for example, in Burke's cannon telling not only was the couple killed, but everyone except himself (supposedly). There are some significant differences between them but what's important is the continuity: That the manor was overrun by a mob and people died.
But the weird thing is that in that historical period, would there be such a big riot in Britain?
A search for riots in Britain around that time shows some potential candidates:
Swing Riots were a widespread uprising in 1830 by agricultural workers in southern and eastern England, in protest at agricultural mechanisation and harsh working conditions. This time period is a few decades before the time suggested by his appearance, but there is a long gap between the end of his deduction story and his time as a hunter, so there is a significant possibility that these riots could be responsible for what happened.
The Bread Riots 1847 to 1867. Resulting in the price of bread rising steeply, and this, in turn, led to a feeling of discontent. Ultimately rioting broke out against shopkeepers and angry citizens. These riots take place later on and are less likely to be the cause of the one faced by Burke and the DeRoss family.
Both of these riots may not be directly related, but the poor working conditions at the time which spurred these riots may have played a role in the one we see with the manor. It is possible the DeRoss family was simply swept up against an angry mob that held destain for those of a higher economic status due to conditions for those in poverty at the time.
(!): It’s Miss Teros and likely the boy that came with the workers.
  1. Sentinel - Ah, such a long wait, but they’ll be back, won’t they?
Archive 3: Archived drawings of a strange humanoid structure. Lots of new parts that look like weapons were added.
(According to the background story that may be changed,) Later the manor received a new owner. The new owner was different from the previous family, but he was willing to take in Burke, who had lost his job and "family". Burke continued to work at the manor, doing some basic reconstruction.
He continued to experiment in the manor while waiting for the family in the past to return here. He blamed himself for their disappearance because he was unable to protect them as he always wanted to do. In the second Bonbon deduction it's revealed that Burke created him in part to help with "babysit" the kids, the 6th deduction shows that he tweaked the bomb function in order to help defend the kids who had a tendency for wandering in the dangerous poacher filled forest.
But BonBon wasn't set to protect when the attack happened, so the family was defenseless. Burke took refuge in his safe room, but for whatever reason (whether it be out of stubbornness, fear, or simply that Burke possibly never informed them of the place) the family faced the threat head on. After this disaster, Burke refused to commit previous mistakes, he added a large number of weapon parts to his machines - new and old. He built them to possess immeasurable firepower, so that even children can be protected. Maybe they will never come back, maybe they will return to the manor tomorrow. With this idea, Bark has been waiting, gradually aging, and making himself look completely different from the past through modification. But if they do have a return, seeing Burke today, could they even recognize that this was once their talented architect, that this was once their "family"
As it turns out Burke's hope isn't entirely misplaced. The name of the father of the DeRoss family is Dennis (as he is referred to), however in other characters deductions there's mention of another character in the family who commonly goes by "Barron DeRoss" and is known to be the owner of the manor. (@sky5memo on Twitter proposes something interesting)
((Please note that this was originally in Japanese and was translated by the previously mentioned Pascal, again links for him are down below)). He states that Barron de Ross may actually be the (supposedly) adopted son we read about in Burke's deductions - implying that he never died. The evidence to support this theory can be found in Martha's character day letter to Barron DeRoss where she writes:
"Do not forget the tragedy that happened to your family."
In addition to this the Second Anniversary Pack. Contained within it some pretty interesting information. Contained in the pack is a story titled "Letter to an Older Brother", from the DeRosses' daughter. The title of this letter itself implies that the son eventually became welcomed into the family if he wasn't their child to begin with.
In the letter is this quote (please keep in mind that Pascal translated this from Japanese, but it originally had to have been translated it from Chinese, so it may be a little off):
"Please don't blame yourself for the death of my parents; You loved them even more than I did, didn't you? And I know you tried your hardest to help them, too. The fact that I'm even alive now is proof of that."
This essentially cements the fact that Dennis DeRoss and his wife were killed by the brutal mob depicted in Burke and Bonbon's deductions. The boy viciously fought to protect the daughter which would explain how she survived.
As for Martha's letter, if we assume that Baron DeRoss is actually this adopted servant boy, the statement regarding the tragedy that befell his family makes more sense.
In addition bonbon's 9th deduction reveals that in the mob attacking the manor there were "familiar faces" in the crowd. While this may be referring to the dangerous poachers that had been seen by the family before, it makes more sense that it was the family of the servant boy as it was extremely likely that the mob took place due to issues of economic status and class. In an attack like this, a servant family would be more likely to participate than some poachers.
To summarize this part: we can theorize that the young girl and boy both managed to escape the attack from the mob thanks to courageous actions from the boy. The boy seems to blame himself for the death of the parents and the young girl wants to console him for it stating that he loved them even more than she did. This boy could have grown up to become Barron DeRoss, however this is not 100% certain. There's also the possibility that all the characters who mention Barron DeRoss are referring to the father before the incident took place.
In addition other letters from different characters reveal more information about Barron DeRoss.
Jack for instance notes in his character day letter that his mentor - James - was good friends with Barron DeRoss, however, due to a weakening body, he wasn't able to go meet him in person and thusly sent Jack in his stead.
In addition to The previously mentioned quote from this letter about not forgetting the tragedy that befell the Barron's family- Martha's letter contains more interesting clues. It appears as if she sent the letter regarding a job opportunity that seems to have some sketchy undertones. She essentially asked him to create for her a new identity in exchange for working for him.
The magician's letter reveals that Baron DeRoss decided to get in contact with servias about a “missing gentleman”. Not much is revealed about the context of this.
In Robbie's character letter which is sent from an nun from the orphanage where he attended it is revealed that the Baron is an expert in mental illness (it is possible the mental trauma experienced by his sister due to the mob incident spurred him pursue this field of study, or conversely if the Baron's identity is the father it's possible that he was already an expert in this field). it is also stated that he may intend to donate to the facility - showing that he's a man of wealth.
This is just a simple summary for these character letters, and I will explain more about them should I do videos on their character stories individually, But what they essentially reveal is that the Baron is a powerful man. It's unknown if Burke finds out later in his life that anyone survived the attack, But the last piece of information were given from Burke's perspective is that he's waiting patiently at the manner in hopes that they had survived, an in hopes will one day return.
This regret Burke feels is reflected more in some of his other Twitter responses:
(Translations sourced from Pathcal)
Response to the Valentine's day event
"I see, today was Valentines’ Day, was it.
Thanks for doing all this for someone like me.
It’s almost like… like having grandkids…"
“So Burke-san’s face looks like this…”
"Why, have I never shown it to you?
Well, it’s fine either way.
Appearances are, for both people and machines alike,
Just ways of hiding that they’re empty inside.
All that’s important is what they’re like deep down, and nothing else."
“Every time I see this skin this is what I think…… I wonder if Grampy Burke is feeling hot…… Don’t get burned okay… Take care, Grampy Burke……”
What in the… No need for worryin’!
Why, to think you’d care, what a sweet grandki……
… Wait a minute, I don’t remember having grandkids!
Extra little tidbits:
This is just an interesting interaction from the Twitter account I couldn't really tie in elsewhere -
“So Burke-san’s face looks like this…”
"Why, have I never shown it to you?
Well, it’s fine either way.
Appearances are, for both people and machines alike,
Just ways of hiding that they’re empty inside.
All that’s important is what they’re like deep down, and nothing else."
There's something to be said about recognizing the importance of what's on the inside. Burke never was really fascinated with appearance despite how he probably looked rather attractive in his youth. (Joseph could take a lesson from him) ((and I oop-))
His character day hasn't happened yet but I'll probably make a comment for it when it does. Till then I'll put down what I know
The character day is: November 27th
His occupation: architect
Interests: Machines, mechanisms, buildings
Talents: Machines, mechanisms, buildings
dislikes: People who destroy buildings and use the facilities without permission
Likes: Machines, mechanisms, buildings, VODKA (yeah boys)
Burke is one of the few hunters with a known surname, along with Bane Perez, Joseph Desaulniers and Leo Beck.
He is 1 of only 3 Difficulty Level 3 Characters, the others being William Ellis and Yidhra.
Now that I'm nearing the end I think I'll propose my answer to one last question - what's his purpose in hunting? If I were to guess I would say that in his eyes his hunting is done to protect the manor. He wasn't invited here to kill people, he may not have been invited here at all, what's known for certain is that he never left, he's always been here. He spent years regretting his decision to watch everything happen in hiding, in this time it's not going to be that way again. Everyone else is invading his sanctuary and this time he's not going to hide. He'll fight to protect his home.
I want to give credit to these people for a lot of the information presented here.
马一甲 on Sharelib and Lofter -
I talked to them previous to making this asking them for permission to include some of their research. Provides background information on the historical context for mad eye and historical context (a lot of the information contained in here is translated and contained within this analysis, this was a massive help and I strongly suggest you support them)
Mayousailor on Twitter -
Has amazing translations for basically anything from the game you'd ever want to look at and provides a few theories of his own. Translates character deductions, letters, tweets and more.
Sky5memo on Twitter
Constructed a few of their own theories (these theories were translated by Mayousailor above)
submitted by -FernFeather- to IdentityV [link] [comments]

2020.09.20 18:04 pubix Amateur Analysis Estimated 67% of LEO COVID 2020 deaths associated to prison/inmate system

Amateur Analysis Estimated 67% of LEO COVID 2020 deaths associated to prison/inmate system
Data analysis is a hobby of mine. The analysis below is not official by any capacity but the finding is striking and obvious. I figured people here might care to know.
I was reviewing data (ODMP) regarding LEO deaths for 2020 and noticed that COVID19 is associated with more LEO deaths than all the other reasons combined (96 to 84). COVID19 deaths are at a rate of 3:1 to gunfire deaths in 2020.

LEO Deaths in 2020 up to September.
I then dived deeper into COVID19 death rates and noticed many were from organizations that were associated with prisons or inmates. Once I removed deaths associated to “police departments” I find that roughly 67% of remaining LEO COVID19 deaths are associated with the prison system (Corrections, Sheriffs…).

The 67% maybe an overestimate as some from the organizations above may not be related to prison system.
I also found it interesting that only 1 COVID19 death was reported in all of New York state, with the most COVID19 deaths being reported by Texas.
I suggest LEOs working with inmates or within the prison system that may have preexisting conditions use PPE and take care. You are most likely to end up in my dataset by the end of the year.
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2020.09.20 01:46 NigelSheldon12 Change My View: I think that in the long run, building O'Neill cylinder is far better than colonizing Mars.

(English is not my native language so I may do some mistakes. Sorry in advance).
Honestly, colonizing Mars is very cool and romantic and it's something I would very be glad to see. But I think that we don't pay enough attention to O'Neill cylinders. For those who don't know what it is, they are enormous (but there are smaller ones) cylinders who spin to create gravity and are used as space habitats. And I think that rationally, they would offer far more advantages to mankind that planetary colonization (including Mars colonization). We would be able do live wherever we want (in LEO, in moon orbit, in Lagrange points, in the asteroid belt…) and to use all the resources they have to offer (data, science, culture, help, manpower, rich ecosystems for Earth; moon materials for the Moon; metals, water and every substances necessary to life in the asteroids; Deuterium, Helium3 and Tritium in the gas giants if we were to master fusion; sunlight everywhere and whenever we want except if we're too far from the sun). For example, Psyche 16 weights 2E19 kg and is mostly metals. If we assume 50% metals and an average consumption of 2 billions tons per year (mankind's consumption of iron), then this makes 1E16 tons, or 5 millions years of consumption for ONE FUCKING asteroid. If we recycle metals, it even more. And even if we don't live there (living around the gas giants would be complicated), the absence of gravity with O'Neill cylinders will make easy for spaceships to go back and forth to collect resources where they have to. We don't actually know if martian gravity will allow humans to live there on the long term, though it's very likely but more importantly, we don't know if pregnancy will be safe on Mars. On on O'Neill cylinder, we could control the gravity. 1g for the areas occupied by humans and less in the industrial ones. This would allow low g manufacturing which would be something that only space stations could make. One argument that people use against O'Neill cylinder is that they have to be a closed loop because they wouldn't have any resources but it's wrong. First of all, as I said, space stations have access to ALL the resources of the solar system. If there's a kind of habitat that would not be in short of resources, it would be the space stations. Moreover, since they can receive energy from the sun (or even nuclear fusion in the future) and since there is everything needed for human presence in the asteroids (at least not less than on Mars), they would not have to be a closed loop more than a Mars colony! Another thing is that 'it would be the same as building the USA in the middle of the Atlantic' (Elon Musk). I'm fan of Elon Musk too but it's kind of hypocritical to say that when he tries to do the same thing... On Mars! In both cases (Mars and space stations), we would have to build structures to live inside of: domes on Mars and space stations in space. But that's the same thing. For Elon Musk, the difference lies in the fact that building O'Neill cylinders would mean lifting megatons of metals, which is... completely true. But if we build them around asteroids (which is likely), then the escape velocity would be less than 200 m/s. Elon Musk tells us about building giants spaceships which can lift 150 tons in LEO, which requires 8000 m/s, then get refueled, fly to Mars, do a 6 months journey, land on Mars, get refueled, go back to Mars orbit and get back to Earth. He wants 1 million people on Mars by the end of the century, which will require lifting megatons of materials, products (because MONEY), people and other things and then throw them to MARS! I don't think it's less difficult than accelerating megatons of materials up to 200 m/s. Building O'Neill cylinders is difficult but not that. The last argument is the living area. If we were to disassemble half of Mercury to build O'Neill cylinders (and we assume 50% metals) to build cylinders of 804 square kilometers 1 gigatons each, we would have 2.6E14 square KILOMETERS or 518 000 EARTHS! 518 000 planets for one half of MERCURY. This civilization would dwarf an planetary based interstellar one. No, seriously, why the hell don't we pay more attention to O'Neill cylinders?
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2020.09.20 01:31 NigelSheldon12 Change My View: I think that in the long run, building O'Neill cylinder is far better than colonizing Mars.

Edit: For those who downvote me, can you at least read what I wrote entirely and tell me why you're not OK with that?

(English is not my native language so I may do some mistakes. Sorry in advance).
Honestly, colonizing Mars is very cool and romantic and it's something I would be very be glad to see. But I think that we don't pay enough attention to O'Neill cylinders. For those who don't know what it is, they are enormous (but there are smaller ones) cylinders who spin to create gravity and are used as space habitats. And I think that rationally, they would offer far more advantages to mankind than planetary colonization (including Mars colonization). We would be able do live wherever we want (in LEO, in moon orbit, in Lagrange points, in the asteroid belt…) and to use all the resources they have to offer (data, science, culture, help, manpower, rich ecosystems for Earth; moon materials for the Moon; metals, water and every substances necessary to life in the asteroids; Deuterium, Helium3 and Tritium in the gas giants if we were to master fusion; sunlight everywhere and whenever we want except if we're too far from the sun). For example, Psyche 16 weights 2E19 kg and is mostly metals. If we assume 50% metals and an average consumption of 2 billions tons per year (mankind's consumption of iron), then this makes 1E16 tons, or 5 millions years of consumption for ONE FUCKING asteroid. If we recycle metals, it's even more. And even if we don't live there (living around gas giants would be complicated), the absence of gravity with O'Neill cylinders will make easy for spaceships to go back and forth to collect resources where they have to. We don't actually know if martian gravity will allow humans to live there on the long term, though it's very likely but more importantly, we don't know if pregnancy will be safe on Mars. On O'Neill cylinders, we could control gravity. 1g for areas occupied by humans and less in industrial ones. This would allow low g manufacturing which would be something that only space stations could make. One argument that people use against O'Neill cylinder is that they have to be a closed loop because they wouldn't have any resources but it's wrong. First of all, as I said, space stations have access to ALL the resources of the solar system. If there's a kind of habitat that would not be in short of resources, it would be space stations. Moreover, since they can receive energy from the sun (or even nuclear fusion in the future) and since there is everything needed for human presence in the asteroids (at least not less than on Mars), they would not have to be a closed loop more than a Mars colony! Another thing is that 'it would be the same as building the USA in the middle of the Atlantic' (Elon Musk). I'm fan of Elon Musk too but it's kind of hypocritical to say that when he tries to do the same thing... On Mars! In both cases (Mars and space stations), we would have to build structures to live inside of: domes on Mars and space stations in space. But that's the same thing. For Elon Musk, the difference lies in the fact that building O'Neill cylinders would mean lifting megatons of metals, which is... completely true. But if we build them around asteroids (which is likely), then the escape velocity would be less than 200 m/s. Elon Musk tells us about building giants spaceships which can lift 150 tons in LEO, which requires 8000 m/s, then get refueled, fly to Mars, do a 6 months journey, land on Mars, get refueled, go back to Mars orbit and get back to Earth. He wants 1 million people on Mars by the end of the century, which will require lifting megatons of materials, products (because MONEY), people and other things and then throw them to MARS! I don't think it's less difficult than accelerating megatons of materials up to 200 m/s. Building O'Neill cylinders is difficult but not that. The last argument is the living area. If we were to disassemble half of Mercury to build O'Neill cylinders (and we assume 50% metals) to build cylinders of 804 square kilometers 1 gigatons each, we would have 2.6E14 square KILOMETERS or 518 000 EARTHS! 518 000 planets for one half of MERCURY. This civilization would dwarf a planetary based interstellar one. No, seriously, why don't we pay more attention to O'Neill cylinders?
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2020.09.19 18:41 futebolstats Como assistir São Bento x Volta Redonda Futebol AO VIVO – Campeonato Brasileiro Série C 2020

O jogo envolvendo São Bento x Volta Redonda será realizado neste sábado (19). A disputa é válida pela 7ª rodada do Campeonato Brasileiro Série C de 2020. A partida está programada para começar às 16h00 (horário de Brasília) e o duelo entre as equipes vai acontecer no Estádio Walter Ribeiro, localizado em Sorocaba, São Paulo.
Clique AQUI e ganhe 30 dias de DAZN Grátis


A partida não será transmitida na TV.


Através do MyCujoo/CBF TV você poderá assistir o jogo de hoje ao vivo pela internet. Portanto, acesse o site pelo seu notebook, celular, tablet ou outro dispositivo. Além disso, poderá assistir o jogo através do aplicativo oficial.
*Lembrando que para assistir a partida é necessário realizar um pagamento no valor de R$ 4,99.
Acompanhe todos os jogos e canais ao vivo aqui (teste grátis)


São Bento:Paulo Vitor; Ferrugem, Márcio, Bruno Leonardo e Alan Vieira (Adriel/Dener); Serginho, Evandro e Lucas Silva (Igor); Laércio, Jheimy e Matheus Guarujá (Jair).
Técnico: Edson Vieira
Volta Redonda:Douglas Borges; Oliveira, Heitor, Luan Leite e Luiz Paulo (Lucas Hipólito); William Mineiro (Gustavo), Bruno Barra e Luciano Naninho; Pedrinho, Robertinho e João Carlos.
Técnico: Luizinho Vieira
Veja mais!! – Acompanhe todos os jogos AO VIVO


Torcedômetro Qual é a maior torcida do Brasil?

São Bento x Volta Redonda – HISTÓRICO DE CONFRONTOS**

As duas equipes já se encontraram em 3 jogos oficiais na história. O São Bento já venceu a equipe adversária em 1 duelos. Já o Volta Redonda nunca conseguiu superar seu rival. Assim como ficaram no empate em 2 jogos disputados.
Além disso, a equipe do São Bento já marcou 3 gols neste duelo. Enquanto o time do Volta Redonda balançou as redes adversárias 2 vezes.
**Números do site oGol (somente jogos oficiais, não inclui partidas amistosas)
Aqui no Futebol Stats você acompanha tudo sobre os campeonatos nacionais e os internacionais. Portanto, acesse nossa página para saber onde assistir os jogos de Futebol Ao Vivo, e saiba onde assistir todos os jogos de hoje. Assim também, não deixe de acessar a nossa página do Torcedômetro veja o ranking e vote em qual time tem a maior torcida do Brasil.
O post Como assistir São Bento x Volta Redonda Futebol AO VIVO – Campeonato Brasileiro Série C 2020 apareceu primeiro em Futebol Stats.
from Futebol Stats
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2020.09.18 13:27 MushroomShogun I now know why it is called SKILLED CAESTUS

Fist frame data is god like. As no one here is yet aware, a few people have successfully opened up the game's code to the extent that all hitstun and combo properties of sequences of attacks can be known. Many results will probably surprise you. But more on that soon.
I have taken a very small advantage from this pandora's box of pvp content by learning the FIST and OFFHAND DAGGER more properly. I am doing 60/60 str and dex. The reason it is called SKILLED CAESTUS is because you are fully intended to use your weapons in tangent with consumables. Throwing knives now do 70 before counter hit, a square 100 on counter with leo. Shiv does around 40 damage. People cannot threaten you by spamming poise move, you will melt them with the chip. Furthermore, just to emphasize these things are meant to go together, you can do R1 knife R1 with caestus and throwing knife and it's a true combo. That's bonkers. Don't think so? Reminder a headshot with any of these tiny things breaks any form of poise, even Stomp ffs. And furthermore that this true combo ends on dagger hitstun, which allows you a consistent roll catch by next using the R2. A follow up R2 from that also true combos. There are so many things you can do with this kind of build archtype, I had to nerf myself and just fight with my barehands after a while for the power of the dark hadō was too great. I am maybe mid-silver with that currently. More on that in another post. But basically the fist moveset alone is so strong, I did not find it necessary to use Perserverance once. It was a waste of my time. Why bother when I can get an extra second of FIST
And that's exactly why my caestus is not even refined infused in this clip of me destroying a PKCS gilded medal in the undead arena. Although I have had some success with the now revealed power of these moveset, I am not yet worthy of wielding a SKILLED CAESTUS. I am training. Eventually I will claim that 30 extra AR but only when I am SKILLED
Tldr try those underutilized weapons and moves people disregard as crap, because Pandora's box will be opened soon and the meta will return to primordial chaos
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2020.09.18 07:46 SamueleDelPapa Storia

Vai a... Home / Articoli / Governo / Militare / L'onda del triangolo volante del Belgio
Triangolo volante del Belgio Postato da: Antonio Huneeus agosto 26, 2020 0
Trent'anni fa, migliaia di cittadini belgi riferirono di piattaforme misteriose che volavano silenziosamente sui tetti. La Royal Belgian Air Force è stata coinvolta e ha collaborato pienamente con gli investigatori civili. Ad oggi, tuttavia, le origini di queste imbarcazioni rimangono sconosciute.
È difficile trasmettere l'eccitazione causata dall'ondata UFO belga se non stavi seguendo le notizie sugli UFO nel 1989 e all'inizio degli anni '90. All'epoca non mancavano i rapporti sugli UFO e l'interesse per il fenomeno era alto. Gli avvistamenti e le foto da Gulf Breeze, in Florida, hanno dominato la scena americana, i rapporti selvaggi sugli UFO e le storie provenienti dalla vecchia Unione Sovietica hanno ricevuto un'enorme attenzione dei media internazionali e l'ondata di video messicani è decollata nel 1991. Eppure l'ondata belga sembrava avere la meglio tutte queste storie per un po '. I rapporti di questo piccolo paese, quartier generale sia della Commissione europea che della NATO, hanno ricevuto una copertura senza precedenti, arrivando persino alla prima pagina del Wall Street Journal il 10 ottobre 1990, con una storia intitolata "Belgium Scientists Seriously Pursue A Triangular UFO . "
Il classico UFO di forma triangolare descritto da centinaia di testimoni oculari durante l'ondata belga: schizzo del testimone utilizzato per creare la ricostruzione dell'oggetto visto all'inizio della storia. Credito: SOBEPS
Molte erano le ragioni dell'interesse generato dall'ondata belga. Uno era la qualità delle relazioni stesse, la maggior parte delle quali sono state registrate nella regione francofona della Vallonia. Non ci sono stati atterraggi o avvistamenti umanoidi, ma molti avvistamenti dettagliati di più testimoni di piattaforme volanti che si muovevano lentamente e silenziosamente sopra i tetti. Le forme variavano, ma la forma predominante era l'artigianato triangolare oa forma di delta. Alcune delle descrizioni erano così precise che le spiegazioni tradizionali di fenomeni naturali identificati erroneamente o di aerei convenzionali erano escluse. Invece, i caccia stealth e altri aerei militari segreti statunitensi sono diventati le spiegazioni preferite suggerite dagli scettici, ma sono state rapidamente escluse dalla Royal Belgian Air Force (RBAF). Un altro motivo per l'importanza dell'onda è che è stata attentamente studiata e documentata da un'organizzazione UFO locale chiamata SOBEPS (società belga per lo studio dei fenomeni spaziali).
SOBEPS è stata fondata nel 1971 da Lucien Clerebaut, Michel Bougard e altri, e ha costituito un piccolo ma altamente dedicato gruppo di investigatori sul campo. Alla fine dell'ondata nel 1993, SOBEPS aveva raccolto oltre duemila rapporti di testimoni oculari comprendenti ventimila pagine, quattrocento ore di registrazioni audio e seicento indagini complete. Cinquecentoquaranta casi sono rimasti inspiegabili. SOBEPS ha avuto anche l'assistenza di scienziati di prim'ordine, tra cui Léon Brenig, un teorico delle dinamiche non lineari presso la Libera Università di Bruxelles, e il professor Auguste Meessen, un fisico dell'Università Cattolica di Lovanio. Per quanto riguarda il suo lavoro con SOBEPS, il dottor Brenig ha detto, "questa è un'opportunità in cui possiamo applicare il metodo scientifico". Lo stesso Brenig divenne un testimone del cosiddetto triangolo belga durante la guida nelle Ardenne il 18 marzo 1990. L'intero dossier fu infine pubblicato da SOPEPS in due enormi volumi, cinquecento pagine ciascuno, dal titolo Vague d'OVNI sur la Belgique ( UFO Wave ver Belgium), pubblicati rispettivamente nel 1991 e nel 1994. A causa di difficoltà finanziarie, SOBEPS si è sciolta il 31 dicembre 2007, ma alcuni dei suoi membri hanno formato una nuova organizzazione più piccola chiamata COBEPS (comitato belga per lo studio dei fenomeni spaziali) per preservare gli archivi e il lavoro svolto per trentasei anni.
I due volumi pubblicati da SOBEPS intitolati "UFO Wave Over Belgium". Credito: SOBEPS
Un elemento finale e chiave nella credibilità dell'onda UFO belga è stata la partecipazione e la convalida da parte della RBAF, che ha mostrato un insolito grado di apertura. Quando l'ondata belga ha preso piede, il ministero della Difesa belga è stato sommerso dalle domande del pubblico e dei media. Il compito ricadde sul capo delle operazioni dell'aeronautica militare, il colonnello Wilfried De Brouwer, che fu successivamente promosso a maggiore generale e vice capo della RBAF. Ora in pensione dal servizio, il generale De Brouwer ha continuato a parlare dell'onda. È stato uno dei tanti funzionari internazionali intervenuti al famoso evento al National Press Club (NPC) di Washington, DC, nel novembre 2007, organizzato dal regista James Fox e dalla giornalista Leslie Kean. "L'onda UFO belga è stata eccezionale e l'aviazione non è riuscita a identificare la natura, l'origine e le intenzioni dei fenomeni segnalati", ha detto De Brouwer all'NPC. Ha anche tenuto una presentazione dettagliata sull'onda al MUFON International UFO Symposium a San Jose, in California, nel luglio 2008, ed è stato uno dei cinque generali a scrivere un saggio nel nuovo libro di Leslie Kean, UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Vai nel registro.
Sebbene la RBAF abbia lanciato i jet in tre occasioni durante l'ondata, il generale De Brouwer ha spiegato in varie occasioni che non avevano la forza lavoro o le risorse per avviare un'indagine a tutti gli effetti per conto proprio, così invece hanno preso la via insolita di cooperare pienamente con SOBEPS. I dati radar sono stati inviati al Prof. Meessen per l'analisi e il generale De Brouwer ha accettato di scrivere il postface per il primo volume di SOBEPS quando era ancora in servizio. "Devo riconoscere che ho un po 'esitato quando SOBEPS mi ha chiesto di contribuire con la mia parte a questo libro", ha scritto. “In effetti, non sono uno specialista di UFO e, inoltre, è abbastanza delicato per qualcuno che occupa una funzione ufficiale mettere su carta le sue idee personali su una questione così controversa. Tuttavia, ritengo che non sarei stato onesto nei confronti dei SOBEPS se avessi rifiutato. L'aeronautica ha sempre giocato un gioco leale su questo argomento e considero questo postface un elemento complementare all'eccezionale file scritto dal popolo di SOBEPS ".
Sebbene alcuni avvistamenti siano stati segnalati nell'ottobre 1989, il primo incidente importante dell'ondata belga si è verificato un mese dopo, il 29 novembre, intorno alla piccola città di Eupen, che si trova in una regione del Belgio vicino al confine tedesco. Questo caso iniziale ha messo sulla mappa il cosiddetto "triangolo belga" e ha portato all'inizio del coinvolgimento della RBAF. Ci furono avvistamenti sia diurni che notturni, sebbene questi ultimi fossero più lunghi e dettagliati. Il generale De Brouwer ha spiegato nel suo saggio per il libro di Leslie Kean, "un totale di settanta avvistamenti segnalati effettuati il ​​29 novembre sono stati completamente indagati e nessuno di questi avvistamenti poteva essere spiegato dalla tecnologia convenzionale. Il team di investigatori e io stimiamo che circa millecinquecento persone devono aver visto il fenomeno in più di settanta luoghi diversi da diverse angolazioni durante questo pomeriggio e la sera ". C'erano un totale di tredici gendarmi (poliziotti) che hanno visto l'UFO da otto diverse località intorno a Eupen. Il Prof. Meessen ha riassunto il caso nel libro di SOBEPS:
Il 29 novembre 1989, una grande imbarcazione di forma triangolare ha sorvolato la città di Eupen. I gendarmi von Montigny e Nicol lo trovarono vicino alla strada che collega Aix-la-Chapelle ed Eupen. Era fermo nell'aria, sopra un campo che illuminava con tre potenti raggi. I raggi provenivano da grandi superfici circolari vicino agli angoli del triangolo. Al centro della sottostruttura scura e piatta c'era una sorta di "faro rotante rosso". L'oggetto non ha prodotto alcun rumore. Quando ha iniziato a muoversi, i gendarmi si sono diretti verso una piccola strada nella zona sulla quale si aspettavano che l'oggetto volasse. Invece ha fatto un mezzo giro e ha proseguito lentamente in direzione di Eupen, seguendo la strada a bassa quota. È stato visto da diversi testimoni mentre volava sopra le case e vicino al municipio.
Nella sua conferenza MUFON del 2008, il generale De Brouwer ha fornito ulteriori dettagli su questo avvistamento: “L'UAP [Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon] ha emesso ripetutamente e simultaneamente due fasci di luce rossa con una sfera di luce rossa sulla punta di lancia del raggio. Successivamente, le palline rosse sono tornate sul velivolo. " Apparentemente c'era anche un secondo velivolo triangolare, che ha effettuato "una manovra di inclinazione in avanti, esponendo il lato superiore della fusoliera", ha continuato De Brouwer. “Loro [i gendarmi] hanno visto una cupola con finestre rettangolari, illuminate all'interno. Poi è scomparso a nord. " Altri due gendarmi videro uno dei velivoli di un monastero vicino; "Uno è attualmente il capo della polizia in quella zona, era spaventato a morte", ha aggiunto De Brouwer.
Grafico statistico degli avvistamenti belgi tra ottobre 1989 e settembre 1990, con picchi nel periodo novembre-dicembre e un secondo in aprile. Credito: SOBEPS
L'incidente di Eupen fu seguito da molti altri avvistamenti UFO, compresi diversi riportati l'11 dicembre 1989. Uno dei testimoni quella sera era un conoscente personale del generale De Brouwer, il colonnello André Amond, un ingegnere civile dell'esercito belga. Il Col. Armond ha lavorato accanto al generale De Brouwer e ha scritto un rapporto dettagliato per il Ministero della Difesa. Il colonnello Armond stava guidando con sua moglie intorno alle 18:45, quando hanno notato uno strano oggetto con luci rosse lampeggianti. Hanno fermato la macchina e sono scesi per vederla meglio. "All'improvviso, hanno visto un riflettore gigante, circa il doppio della dimensione della luna piena, che si è avvicinato a una distanza stimata di 100 metri", ha scritto De Brouwer, aggiungendo che "la moglie del colonnello era spaventata e ha chiesto di andarsene". Nel suo rapporto al Ministero, Armond "ha accertato che questo velivolo non era un ologramma, un elicottero, un aereo militare, un pallone, un ultraleggero motorizzato o qualsiasi altro veicolo aereo noto".
Varie forme sono state riportate in tutta l'onda, comprese rotonde, rettangolari ea forma di sigaro, ma la maggior parte erano oggetti triangolari. Il generale De Brouwer osserva che le differenze potrebbero essere dovute anche agli angoli di visione dei testimoni oculari. Il ricercatore Marc Valckenaers ha elencato alcune delle caratteristiche degli UFO nel secondo volume di SOBEPS sull'onda, tra cui: spostamento irregolare (zig-zag, cambio istantaneo di traiettoria, ecc.), Spostamento che segue i contorni del terreno; velocità variabili di spostamento (incluso movimento molto lento), volo stazionario (hovering), sorvolo di centri urbani e industriali ed effetti sonori (debole ronzio al silenzio totale).
Ricostruzione dell'incredibile piattaforma volante rettangolare vista da due operai il 22 aprile 1990, descritta come "una portaerei capovolta". Credito: SOBEPS
Uno dei rapporti più strani è venuto da due operai della città di Basècles, a sud-ovest di Bruxelles, che hanno visto un'enorme piattaforma volante trapezoidale (330 x 200 piedi) poco prima della mezzanotte del 22 aprile 1990. L'oggetto si muoveva lentamente e silenziosamente, coprendo l'intero cortile della fabbrica. Nel rapporto SOBEPS, gli operai della fabbrica hanno descritto l'UFO come "una portaerei capovolta". Nonostante la qualità fantascientifica di questo avvistamento, un rapporto quasi identico fu presentato quasi un anno dopo, il 15 marzo 1991, da un ingegnere elettronico ad Auderghem, vicino a Bruxelles, che si svegliò nel cuore della notte quando “sentì un fischio ad alta frequenza appena udibile. Ha guardato fuori dalla finestra e ha visto una grande imbarcazione rettangolare a bassissima quota con strutture irregolari sul fondo ", ha scritto il generale De Brouwer.
Una caratteristica dell'onda belga era quanto vicini gli oggetti volavano sopra i tetti, come mostrato con questa piattaforma rettangolare volante. Credito: SOBEPS
Un'altra vista della piattaforma volante rettangolare sopra il tetto e schizzo che mostra dove l'ha vista il testimone. Credito: SOBEPS
Se gli avvistamenti di testimoni multipli di Eupen del novembre 1989 hanno innescato l'ondata belga, l'incidente del caccia a reazione durante la notte del 30 marzo 1990 ha segnato il picco dell'interesse pubblico e della copertura mediatica globale. L'aeronautica militare belga aveva decentrato i jet in due precedenti occasioni senza risultati positivi. La corsa del 5 dicembre 1989 non ebbe successo; quando il jet ha raggiunto il cielo, l'UFO era sparito. Inoltre, il caso del 16 dicembre 1989 si è rivelato un falso allarme; le autorità hanno rapidamente stabilito che si trattava di una proiezione laser riflessa da uno strato di nuvole. A seguito di questi due fiaschi, la RBAF ha implementato una nuova politica in base alla quale i jet sarebbero stati lanciati solo quando un avvistamento sarebbe stato rilevato sul radar e sarebbe stato visivamente confermato a terra dalla polizia.
Il team SOBEPS in visita alla struttura radar della Royal Belgian Air Force a Glons: nel gruppo centrale, a sinistra, il presidente della Società Lucien Clerebaut e a destra, il fisico Prof. Auguste Meessen, accanto all'ufficiale militare. Credito: SOBEPS
Come riportato in un rapporto preliminare preparato dal maggiore P. Lambrechts della RBAF, intitolato "Rapporto sull'osservazione degli UFO durante la notte dal 30 al 31 marzo 1990", l'incidente iniziò alle 22:50. il 30 marzo, quando la gendarmeria ha telefonato al "controllore principale a Glons" del radar per segnalare "tre luci insolite che formano un triangolo equilatero". Altri gendarmi hanno confermato le luci. Quando la struttura NATO a Semmerzake ha rilevato un obiettivo sconosciuto alle 23:49, è stata presa la decisione di rimescolare due caccia F-16. I jet sono decollati alle 12:05 da Beauvechain, la base aerea più vicina, e hanno volato per poco più di un'ora. Secondo il rapporto del maggiore Lambrechts:
L'aereo ha avuto brevi contatti radar in diverse occasioni, [ma i piloti] ... in nessun momento hanno stabilito un contatto visivo con gli UFO ... ogni volta che i piloti sono stati in grado di fissare un aggancio su uno degli obiettivi per pochi secondi, si è verificato un drastico cambiamento nel comportamento dei bersagli rilevati ... [Durante il primo aggancio alle 00:13] la loro velocità è cambiata in un tempo minimo da 150 a 970 nodi [da 170 a 1.100 mph] e da 9.000 a 5.000 piedi, tornando poi a 11.000 piedi per cambiare di nuovo per avvicinarsi al livello del suolo.
Quando il Col. De Brouwer ha mostrato le immagini radar computerizzate dell'UFO tracciato dal sistema radar di bordo F-16 in una conferenza stampa al Ministero della Difesa l'11 luglio 1990, i media internazionali sono entrati in delirio. Sono state rilasciate anche trascrizioni delle comunicazioni radio tra i piloti di caccia, il capitano Yves Meelbergs, il tenente Rudy Verrijt e il Glons Control Reporting Center vicino a Liegi, che hanno fornito alcuni momenti drammatici. Le trascrizioni dipingono un'immagine dei jet che inseguono echi radar fantasma che appaiono e scompaiono e poi riappaiono di nuovo, ma in nessun momento i piloti sono in grado di stabilire un contatto visivo con i presunti oggetti. L'Electronic War Centre (EWC) belga alla fine ha intrapreso un'analisi tecnica dettagliata dei nastri radar computerizzati F-16, completata dal Col. Salmon e dal fisico M. Gilmard nel 1992, e successivamente rivista dal Prof. Meessen.
Un caccia F-16 della Royal Belgian Air Force come quelli si è arrampicato nella notte tra il 30 e il 31 marzo 1990. Credito: Bernard Thouanel
Sebbene alcuni aspetti di questo caso rimangano ancora inspiegabili, Meessen e SOBEPS hanno accettato l'ipotesi di Gilmard-Salmon che la maggior parte dei contatti radar fossero in realtà echi causati da un raro fenomeno meteorologico. Ciò è diventato evidente in quattro lock-on, ha spiegato Meessen, “dove l'oggetto è disceso a terra con calcoli che mostravano un'altitudine negativa…. Era evidentemente impossibile che un oggetto potesse penetrare nel terreno, ma era possibile che il terreno potesse fungere da specchio ". Meessen ha spiegato come le alte velocità misurate dal radar Doppler dei caccia F-16 potrebbero derivare da effetti di interferenza. Ha sottolineato, tuttavia, che c'era un'altra traccia radar per la quale non vi è alcuna spiegazione fino ad oggi. Per quanto riguarda gli avvistamenti visivi di questo evento da parte dei gendarmi e altri, Meessen ha suggerito che potrebbero essere stati causati da stelle viste in condizioni di "rifrazione atmosferica eccezionale".
Un fotogramma del sistema radar di bordo dell'F-16 che mostra l'aggancio degli UFO durante l'episodio di scramble del marzo 1990, mostrato dalla RBAF in una famosa conferenza stampa nel luglio 1990. Credito: RBAF / Bernard Thouanel
In un'intervista telefonica del 1995, il generale De Brouwer ha riassunto le sue riflessioni su questo caso complesso: “Cerchiamo sempre possibilità che possano causare errori nei sistemi radar. Non possiamo escludere che ci siano state interferenze elettromagnetiche, ma ovviamente non possiamo escludere la possibilità che ci fossero oggetti nell'aria. In almeno un'occasione c'è stata una correlazione tra i contatti radar di un radar a terra e un caccia F-16. Ciò indebolisce la teoria secondo cui tutti i contatti radar sono stati causati da interferenze elettromagnetiche. Se aggiungiamo tutte le possibilità, la domanda è ancora aperta, quindi non c'è una risposta definitiva ". De Brouwer ha preso una visione più distaccata dell'episodio di scramble dell'F-16, tuttavia, nella sua conferenza MUFON del 2008 e nel suo saggio del 2010 incluso nel libro di Kean: "La conclusione dell'Air Force, quindi, era che le prove erano insufficienti per dimostrare che c'erano vere imbarcazioni nell'aria in quell'occasione. "
La famosa diapositiva a colori del triangolo belga fotografata a Petit-Rechain all'inizio di aprile 1990. Credito: © Guy Mossay / SOFAM
Raramente il vecchio detto secondo cui un'immagine vale più di mille parole diventa più vero che nel caso della straordinaria fotografia di un triangolo volante scattata nella piccola città di Petit-Rechain nell'aprile 1990. Questa diapositiva a colori è diventata il simbolo emblematico del Onda UFO belga. È stato pubblicato e trasmesso in programmi televisivi di tutto il mondo, e compare sulla copertina dei due volumi SOBEPS sull'onda belga. È anche una delle foto di UFO più analizzate nella storia dell'ufologia. Durante il mio viaggio a Bruxelles nel 1995, ho avuto l'opportunità di parlare a lungo con Patrick Ferryn, l'investigatore che inizialmente ha studiato il caso e ha scritto il capitolo al riguardo nel libro SOBEPS. Ferryn mi ha fornito copie della foto e campioni di miglioramenti al computer realizzati da Marc Acheroy, professore di elettricità alla Royal Military School, dove l'immagine è stata analizzata dal Signal Treatment Center. I dettagli di come è stata scattata la foto sono abbastanza semplici e diretti.
Il fotografo, P.M. (che vuole la privacy, ma ha collaborato pienamente con SOBEPS), era un operaio di vent'anni, che viveva nella piccola comunità di Petit-Rechain, vicino a Verviers. Era a casa con la sua ragazza la notte tra il 4 o il 7 aprile 1990 (non riesce a stabilire la data esatta), quando la sua ragazza ha notato per la prima volta l'oggetto tra le 23:00 e le 23:30. mentre portava il cane in cortile. Secondo la dichiarazione di P.M. a Ferryn, fu allertato dalla sua ragazza, uscì e "vide l'oggetto praticamente fermo verso sud-ovest, a circa quarantacinque gradi di elevazione. Consisteva di tre luci rotonde bianche su una superficie triangolare appena percettibile. Al centro c'era una macchia lampeggiante dello stesso colore, o forse un po 'più rossastra delle altre luci. " P.M. ha afferrato la sua macchina fotografica, una Praktica modello BX20 con uno zoom da 55-200 mm e un filtro per lucernario "Cokin" 1A da 52 mm. Ha girato gli ultimi due fotogrammi di un rotolo di pellicola per diapositive a colori Kodak 36-200 ASA. L'UFO si è poi spostato lentamente verso Petit-Rechain, fino a quando è stato nascosto dai tetti del villaggio. L'intero episodio è durato circa cinque minuti.
Il rullino è stato inviato per posta a una casa di sviluppo che offre uno sconto speciale e quando P.M. ricevute le diapositive, ha notato che solo il fotogramma # 35 aveva catturato l'UFO; il fotogramma n. 36 era completamente nero. Ferryn ha stimato che "la foto è stata probabilmente scattata con una distanza focale compresa tra 55 e 200 mm e con un tempo di esposizione compreso tra 1 e 2 secondi". P.M. ha mostrato la foto ai suoi colleghi della fabbrica (tutti in seguito intervistati da Ferryn), ma per il resto non ha fatto nulla per analizzare o commercializzare l'immagine. Uno dei suoi colleghi conosceva un fotoreporter locale di Verviers, Guy Mossay, che ha immediatamente visto il potenziale valore dell'immagine. P.M. ha venduto i diritti delle foto a Mossay per una piccola tassa. Mossay ha quindi proceduto al copyright della SOFAM (la società multimediale belga per gli autori di arti visive).
Gli scettici hanno naturalmente indicato la possibilità di una bufala con motivi di profitto. Tuttavia, in tal caso, perché P.M. vendere i diritti a Mossay per una quota minore? Inoltre, gli hoaxer non forniscono mai diapositive originali o negativi per l'analisi scientifica, come è stato fatto da P.M. Dopo aver verificato il suo background, intervistato conoscenti e così via, Ferryn ha osservato che "il racconto dei principali testimoni era coerente". Il generale De Brouwer ha trascorso un bel po 'di tempo a spiegare i dettagli di questo caso durante la sua conferenza al MUFON, dicendo del testimone che, "questo ragazzo è autentico, è un ragazzo che non fingerebbe affatto, te lo posso assicurare . " Ancora più importante, la foto del Petit-Rechain è stata sottoposta a più analisi scientifiche rispetto a praticamente qualsiasi altra foto di UFO nella storia.
Quando la foto del Petit-Rechain è sovraesposta, il contorno triangolare dell'oggetto appare chiaramente. Credito: © Guy Mossay / SOFAM
L'elenco degli esperti e delle istituzioni che hanno analizzato questa foto include il Prof. Acheroy della Royal Military Academy del Belgio; Il Prof. François Louange, esperto di fotointerpretazione di immagini satellitari per l'agenzia spaziale francese CNES; Il dottor Richard Haines, uno scienziato senior in pensione della NASA e rispettato ricercatore UFO; Istituto reale del patrimonio artistico belga; e André Marion, un fisico nucleare del Centro nazionale francese per la ricerca scientifica (CNRS), che ha condotto un'analisi nel 2002 con una tecnologia migliorata. I dettagli tecnici di queste analisi sono troppo numerosi per questo articolo, ma basti dire che non sono mai state trovate prove di inganno fotografico. Inoltre, di diversi tentativi di duplicare la foto utilizzando un modello triangolare di cartone scuro con fori e lampadine, solo uno realizzato dai membri dell'Istituto di astrofisica dell'Università di Liegi somigliava in qualche modo alla foto del Petit-Rechain. Ma la luminosità delle macchie nella replica era uniforme, mentre quelle nell'originale mostravano forme ed effetti spettrali differenti. Il più recente studio del CNRS del Dr. Marion ha confermato l'analisi precedente e ha trovato, come affermato dal Gen. De Brouwer, un "alone attorno al velivolo con struttura modellata", che potrebbe essere stato causato dal "sistema di propulsione" dell'oggetto di "magnetoplasma". dinamico." Marion ha anche affermato che "sarebbe estremamente difficile falsificare una fotografia del genere".
Alla fine, è quasi impossibile garantire l'autenticità di un'immagine di UFO. Ci sarà sempre una divergenza di opinioni, ma il verdetto nel caso Petit-Rechain appare molto favorevole. UFO triangolari sono stati avvistati in tutto il Belgio all'inizio degli anni '90. Sono state scattate dozzine di video sfocati e foto sgranate, ma generalmente non erano impressionanti. Petit-Rechain è stata la grande eccezione.
Nota: dalla stesura di questo articolo, la foto si è rivelata una bufala ammessa.
A causa dell'elevata credibilità della maggior parte dei testimoni dell'onda belga e delle loro descrizioni di un velivolo triangolare silenzioso così preciso, cercare di spiegare l'onda in termini di bufale, fenomeni naturali erroneamente identificati o aerei convenzionali sembrava inutile. Pertanto, un certo numero di scettici e giornalisti dell'aviazione si sono concentrati sul tentativo di dimostrare l'ipotesi di aerei segreti statunitensi che volano sul Belgio. Sono stati proposti una serie di candidati, dall'Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) ai dirigibili segreti, dal caccia stealth F-117A ad altri rivoluzionari velivoli militari segreti statunitensi come il presunto TR-3A Black Manta. Innanzitutto, devi riflettere sul motivo per cui gli Stati Uniti dovrebbero condurre test dei loro aerei più segreti in un'area così popolata come la Vallonia, che non è solo un alleato degli Stati Uniti, ma anche il quartier generale dell'alleanza NATO. Il generale De Brouwer lo ha detto senza mezzi termini in un'intervista del 1991 alla rivista francese OVNI Présence: “Perché gli americani dovrebbero condurre test qui in Europa, senza permesso e con il rischio di avere un incidente che potrebbe creare un incidente diplomatico su scala globale ? Ciò non riguarda solo il Belgio, ma la NATO, dove il suo stesso concetto potrebbe essere messo in discussione. Non credo che gli americani possano correre un tale rischio, è evidente. "
Il maggiore generale (in pensione) Wilfried De Brouwer, che era l'uomo di punta della Royal Belgian Air Force per l'onda UFO, durante il suo viaggio a Washington, DC per partecipare all'evento del National Press Club nel 2007. Crediti: Bernard Thouanel
Guy Coeme e Leo Delcroix, i due ministri della Difesa belgi durante l'ondata, hanno negato enfaticamente la teoria che gli UFO fossero in realtà aerei statunitensi e hanno basato la loro smentita su indagini ufficiali con l'ambasciata degli Stati Uniti a Bruxelles. In una lettera del 1993 al ricercatore francese Renaud Marhic, il ministro Delcroix scrisse: “Sfortunatamente, fino ad oggi non è stata trovata alcuna spiegazione. La natura e l'origine del fenomeno rimangono sconosciute. Una teoria può, tuttavia, essere definitivamente accantonata poiché le forze armate belghe sono state positivamente assicurate dalle autorità americane che non c'è mai stato alcun tipo di volo di prova aereo americano ". Un documento declassificato del 1990 della US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) intitolato "Il Belgio e la questione degli UFO", sostiene la posizione di Delcroix. Dopo aver descritto gli eventi di base dell'ondata che si erano verificati fino a quel momento, il funzionario statunitense senza nome ha scritto proprio alla fine di questo memo: "The [U.S. L'aeronautica militare (USAF)] ha confermato all '[aeronautica belga] e al [ministero della Difesa belga] che nessun aereo stealth USAF stava operando nell'area delle Ardenne durante i periodi in questione. Questo è stato rilasciato alla stampa belga e ha ricevuto ampia diffusione ".
Sono trascorsi trent'anni dall'ondata UFO belga e non sono state prodotte nuove prove significative per dimostrare che gli avvistamenti siano stati causati da aerei militari segreti. I casi segnalati rimangono inspiegabili. Sembra certo che qualcosa di massiccio e tecnologicamente avanzato abbia volato sul territorio belga durante il periodo 1989-93. Perché e chi c'era dietro sono domande a cui resta una risposta. Un'opportuna conclusione, per ora, è ripetere quanto ha scritto il Gen. De Brouwer alla fine del suo famoso postface al primo volume del SOBEPS: “Verrà senza dubbio il giorno in cui il fenomeno sarà osservato con mezzi tecnologici di rilevazione e raccolta che ha vinto non lasciare un solo dubbio sulla sua origine. Questo dovrebbe sollevare una parte del velo che ha coperto il mistero per molto tempo. Un mistero che continua così presente. Ma esiste, è reale e questa di per sé è una conclusione importante ".
L'autore (a sinistra) con il presidente della SOBEPS Lucien Clerebaut presso la sede della Società a Bruxelles nel 1995. La mappa sullo sfondo mostra i luoghi degli avvistamenti in Belgio. Credito: Antonio Huneeus
Una versione di questo articolo è apparsa originariamente nel numero 5 (dicembre / gennaio 2011) di Open Minds UFO Magazine. I problemi arretrati possono essere trovati qui.
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Il reporter investigativo di Open Minds J. Antonio Huneeus ha coperto il campo degli UFO da una prospettiva internazionale per oltre 30 anni. I suoi articoli sono apparsi in dozzine di pubblicazioni negli Stati Uniti, America Latina, Europa e Giappone. È stato anche co-autore del "Documento informativo sugli UFO - La migliore prova disponibile", finanziato da Laurance Rockefeller, e ha curato il libro "Guida allo studio sugli UFO, fenomeni psichici e paranormali nell'URSS". Huneeus ha studiato francese all'Università Sorbona di Parigi e giornalismo all'Università del Cile a Santiago negli anni '70. Ha tenuto conferenze in dozzine di Conferenze UFO in tutto il mondo ed è stato intervistato da molti media tra cui The Washington Post, Sy-Fy e History Channel, Nippon-TV, ecc. Ha ricevuto il premio "Ufologist of the Year" al National UFO Conference a Miami Beach nel 1990 e il premio "Courage in Journalism" alla X-Conference di Gaithersburg, nel Maryland, nel 2007.
Da qualche parte nei cieli: una giovane voce di verità 4 settembre 2020
Rapporto Rojas - Presentazione: Astronomi e UFO 29 agosto 2020
Open Minds UFO Radio Newscast - 8/28/2020 - Ospite speciale: Douglas Smythe 29 agosto 2020
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2020.09.18 02:59 thecoderboy Using Bootstrap, how to add badges to list-group tabbed?

Looking at bootstrap list group (, I am trying to combine
With badges
  • Cras justo odio 14
  • Dapibus ac facilisis in 2
  • Morbi leo risus 1
Tabbed panes
I'm trying to nest the ul and li elements in thediv tag but I can't it to look acceptable. Has anyone done this and can provide me a sample to build off?
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2020.09.17 15:46 NintendoSwitchMods 9.17.2020 Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase September 2020

Please use this thread for all pre-event hype and speculation, as well as post-event thoughts reactions.

Watch & Discuss

This event has now ended.

Recap of announcements

he Monster Hunter series is hitting new heights – literally! – with MONSTER HUNTER RISE, a new entry in the storied series, headed to the Nintendo Switch system on March 26, 2021. In this new game, players will possess the ability to rise above the world, using special creatures to scale cliffs and vault high above the magnificent terrain around them. Capcom’s MONSTER HUNTER RISE, as well as several other incredible games from Nintendo’s development and publishing partners, were featured in the latest Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase video presentation, which can be viewed by visiting
Another Monster Hunter game announced during the presentation, MONSTER HUNTER STORIES 2: Wings of Ruin, tasks players to become a Monster Rider and embark on an RPG adventure filled with popular monsters from the series. Both Monster Hunter games were featured in a follow-up Monster Hunter Direct, which can also be viewed by visiting
In addition to the Monster Hunter reveals, a wide array of other Nintendo Switch games from development and publishing partners was detailed in the video presentation, including Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny, a new entry in the fan-favorite tactical RPG series; Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm & Exercise, a new way to be active on Nintendo Switch; and Ori and the Will of the Wisps, a sequel to the action-packed platformer Ori and the Blind Forest, which launches today!
“No matter the genre, Nintendo Switch owners will find a game they are looking for from our creative development and publishing partners,” said Steve Singer, Nintendo of America’s Senior Vice President of Publisher and Developer Relations. “We appreciate the innovative experiences our partners continue delivering for Nintendo Switch, and are happy to share their latest games in these Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase videos.”
Some of the highlights revealed in the Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase and the Monster Hunter spotlight video include:
  • MONSTER HUNTER RISE: This latest entry in the action-RPG series finds players battling fearsome monsters and reaching new heights. Prepare to be transported to the colorful Kamura Village, a new serene mountain locale where players will experience unique culture and innovative hunting technologies. Using a special insect called a Wirebug, hunters will be able to grapple themselves in any direction, making it possible to scale towering cliffs and structures. All combat areas within each quest are seamlessly connected, allowing for exploration of the vast and vertical landscapes with no loading times. MONSTER HUNTER RISE launches for Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021. Additionally, a Deluxe Edition will also be available, which offers the full game and bonus DLC. Pre-ordering the base or Deluxe version will unlock bonus in-game items like layered armor and more. Players will be able to get even more in-game extras with Monster Hunter amiibo accessories. The three standalone amiibo accessories will be available exclusively at GameStop locations in the U.S. and EB Games in Canada. Visit Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch today for details about how to pre-order the game.
  • MONSTER HUNTER STORIES 2: Wings of Ruin: Currently in development, MONSTER HUNTER STORIES 2: Wings of Ruin puts players in the role of a Monster Rider who befriends iconic monsters from the Monster Hunter series as they embark on epic adventures together. More information about this story-based role-playing game coming to Nintendo Switch in summer 2021 will be revealed in the future. Ori
  • and the Will of the Wisps: The little spirit Ori is no stranger to peril, but when a fateful flight puts the owlet Ku in harm’s way, it will take more than bravery to bring a family back together, heal a broken land and discover Ori’s true destiny. From Moon Studios, the creators of the acclaimed action-platformer Ori and the Blind Forest, comes a new adventure in a vast, vibrant world filled with new friends and foes that come to life in stunning, hand-painted artwork. Set to a fully orchestrated original score, Ori and the Will of the Wisps continues the Moon Studios tradition of tightly crafted platforming action and deeply emotional storytelling. Ori and the Will of the Wisps launches for Nintendo Switch … today! Plus, the “Ori Collector’s Edition” is available for pre-order from iam8bit.
  • Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm & Exercise: The sequel to Fitness Boxing has entered the ring! Grab the Joy-Con controllers, select the music and courses, and get to a variety of boxing exercises! Players can pick any one of nine instructors, each with their own distinctive personality, with three making their debut in the game: Karen, Janice and Hiro. As players continue exercising, their bond with the instructors will grow. Players can even customize their outfits, providing more variety to their workouts. Several features are included in this installment, including a two-player mode, an alarm function and the ability to remove certain boxing actions. Save data can even be carried over from the first Fitness Boxing game! Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm & Exercise launches on Nintendo Switch on Dec. 4.
  • Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny: As a result of Super Reincarnation, the boastful zombie Zed gets stronger the more he dies! By reincarnating their way through a variety of worlds, players will face off against the strongest God of Destruction. Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny marks the first time the series uses 3D models, with vibrant characters full of personality and the return of the series' over-the-top battle system. Get ready for an experience that defies common sense, genre and destiny when Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny comes exclusively to Nintendo Switch in summer 2021. But the Disgaea news doesn’t stop there: Beginning Sept. 23 at 10 a.m. PT until Sept. 29 at 11:59 p.m. PT, Nintendo Switch Online members* will be able to download and play the full version of Disgaea 5 Complete.
  • Hades: Defy the god of the dead in this Greek mythology-inspired dungeon crawler. Thousands of story events and ability combinations ensure a unique experience each time players hack and slash their way out of the Underworld, wielding the powers and mythical weapons of Olympus to aid in their escape. Hades launches for Nintendo Switch … today!
  • Empire of Sin: In this new strategy game, players enter the criminal underworld of Prohibition-era Chicago in the 1920s. It’s up to players to hustle, charm and intimidate their way to the top of the pile and do whatever it takes to stay there. Empire of Sin launches for Nintendo Switch on Dec. 1 and is available for pre-order staring today.
  • Sniper Elite 4: Across the largest and most diverse world ever seen in a Sniper Elite game, players can look forward to the series-defining ballistics, tense stealth and third-person action. Sniper Elite 4 launches for Nintendo Switch this holiday season.
  • PGA TOUR 2K21: The fairway is open in PGA TOUR 2K21! Play against the in-game pros on visually stunning real-life courses, hit the links with friends locally and online*, or run full seasons and tournaments with Online Societies. Design and share the ultimate golf course using tons of custom options with the Course Designer. The digital version of PGA TOUR 2K21 is now available in Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch, with the physical version of the game launching on Sept. 25.
  • The Long Dark: In this exploration-survival game, players are on their own as they journey through a frozen wilderness in the aftermath of a geomagnetic disaster. A chilling narrative awaits players in the WINTERMUTE Story Mode, or they can choose to enjoy hours of permadeath gameplay in Survival Mode. Experience true survival on Nintendo Switch when The Long Dark launches … today!
  • BALAN WONDERWORLD: As Leo and Emma, players will don costumes to wield a variety of abilities. A costume with a gear ability, for example, lets players rotate gears to open doors or access new paths. There are more than 80 costumes to find, with the ability to carry up to three at once. Change between costumes to collect crystals and Statues scattered throughout stages. A two-player mode is also available! By combining costume abilities with friends, players may be able to reach new locations. BALAN WONDERWORLD will make its grand entrance on Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021.
  • Rune Factory 5: Build a new life amidst a grand adventure in this heartwarming RPG. As a young man or woman with no memories, players will get a fresh start in the rural town of Rigbarth as a peacekeeping ranger. In addition to protecting the town, players’ day-to-day lives will include harvesting crops, fishing in the river and participating in local festivals. They may even find a special someone to start dating, fall in love with … and get married to! A new battle system allows players to perform combo attacks with allies to take down monsters. Begin life anew in a fantasy world when Rune Factory 5 launches on Nintendo Switch in 2021.
Details about the next Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase will be revealed in the future.


What is a Partner Showcase?
A Partner Showcase is a pre-recorded video presentation showcasing upcoming indie games for the Nintendo Switch.
What is the difference between a Partner Showcase and a standard Nintendo Direct?
This presentation will ONLY include information about third-party games, unlike a traditional Nintendo Direct that would focus on first-party games and topics.
What if I can't watch live due to work/school/etc.?
You can join us in the comments below or our Discord chat linked above. We will also be posting a text recap and link to watch the replay in this post once the event has concluded.
If you want a spoiler-free experience or to watch the event later, we will edit this post to include a direct link to the VOD at the very top (once it's available). This will take you directly to the video so you don't accidentally see any trailers or video thumbnails if you visit the Nintendo YouTube page or Nintendo website. Just don't scroll down!
There WILL be spoilers here on the subreddit, so watch the video first!
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  • We will allow one post per announcement.
    • The post we allow may not necessarily be the one that was submitted first. We typically will receive about 15 of, essentially the exact same post, in the span of about 60 seconds and will select the one that has the best title and links directly to the original source when available.
  • Commentary on the announcement(s) should take place either in this thread or on the related separate announcement post. Each person's specific opinion does not need its own post.
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2020.09.17 12:48 Montana_Joe This is not a shape of the Earth discussion, please do not turn it into one. There is no footage of a rocket or module entering space.

To elaborate on what the title states: There is no continuous and unedited footage of a rocket or module leaving Earth's orbit and going into space (past Earth's atmosphere which is past LEO).
I've gotten into this discussion many times and the only valid argument I've heard is that it's not worth the money / engineering to put a continuous "regular" camera on a rocket or module that will be going past LEO. But I would argue that this kind of video is something that all tax payers would absolutely love to see, and it is all tax payers who are currently paying for their respective space programs.
The conspiracy is that if space isn't what they tell us it is, or if it's not actually possible to get past the Van Allen radiation belts, then without a doubt the moon landing was faked, and the Mars rover is on Devon Island in Canada.
My theory is that space programs are nothing more than citizen funded defense (under the guise of being a civilian agency) companies building tech to spy on said citizens.
For the people who immediately spout: "but thousands of people would have to be in on it" - no they wouldn't. I'm a retired engineer. If you understand engineering you will know that engineers build modular components against mock systems that when live are black boxes that only one or two people have access to. Components are built by multiple companies (and even multiple departments within the same companies) based on a spec with assumed values for input and output. Data pipelines are made so that the final output that someone analyzing it will be looking at is aggregated and processed through multiple sources before its final destination.
For the people who immediately ask: "but how would Russia and the US be in on something like that together during the cold war?" and my theory and answer is that we've lived in a global world already for hundreds of years (perhaps longer). The UN formed in 1945 just 10 years before the "space race" began and my best guess is that during some private meeting someone said something to the effect of "I know how we can spy on the people of the world more efficiently and get them to pay for it" and here we are, with trillions of dollars worth of CGI footage.
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2020.09.16 14:25 ShiningSolarSword RESULTS of the State of the Game Survey: September 2020

Hi all,

It’s time for the results!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond - we had over 1,750 responses, which is great! These insights wouldn’t be possible without your time and support.

As always, neither myself nor this survey are associated with Intelligent Systems or Nintendo in any way. Please direct feedback about the game itself to the official channels.

Now let’s get into it!
Previous Survey Results:

~ Demographics ~

53.8% began playing FE:H in February 2017, with 20.0% more joining during the first year of the game. 12.0% of respondents joined during the second year, 8.7% joined during the third, and 4.0% joined during the fourth year (the last ~7 months).

The age range breakdown of respondents is as follows:
  • (2.6%) 12 – 15 years old
  • (15.0 %) 16 – 18 years old
  • (23.4 %) 19 – 21 years old
  • (21.8 %) 22 – 24 years old
  • (25.8 %) 25 – 30 years old
  • (8.2 %) 31 – 40 years old
  • (1.0 %) 40+ years old

75.8% of respondents identified as Male, 18.4% as Female, and 3.0% as Non-binary.

24.6% of respondents have never missed a daily login, while a further 38.8% have missed less than a month’s worth of logins, 11.7% missed 1-2 months, 9.9% missed 3-6 months, 5.8% missed 7-12 months, and 4.7% missed over a year’s worth.

33.5% report being F2P, while 28.7% have spent less than $100, 18.3% spent between $100 - $499, 7.3% spent between $500 - $999, and 8.7% have spent over $1000.

46.6% last spent money on FE:H during the fourth year of the game (the last 3 months), while 6.6% last spent money during the third year of the game, 5.8% last spent during the second year of the game, and 5.1% last spent money during the first year of the game.

~ Summoning ~

“Which of the following banners have you used orbs on at least once?”
  • (86.8%) A New Future (CYL 4)
  • (60.2%) Overseas Memories (3H Summer)
  • (59.8%) Dark Burdens (Fallen Heroes)
  • (57.9%) Legendary Heroes: Edelgard
  • (55.2%) Legendary Heroes: Corrin
  • (53.1%) Book IV Mid: Mirabilis and More
  • (52.9%) Hero Fest
  • (52.2%) Pirate’s Pride
  • (44.5%) Mythic Heroes: Hel
  • (44.2%) Mythic Heroes: Mila
  • (43.7%) Bridal Beloveds
  • (39.6%) Summer Passing (Sacred Stones Summer (mostly))
  • (37.5%) Legendary Heroes: Seliph
  • (31.1%) Light and Shadow (New Mystery)

“Which of the following banners did you use the most orbs on?”
  • (44.8%) A New Future (CYL 4)
  • (8.6%) Overseas Memories (3H Summer)
  • (5.9%) Legendary Heroes: Corrin
  • (5.8%) Dark Burdens (Fallen Heroes)
  • (5.5%) Pirate’s Pride
  • (4.9%) Legendary Heroes: Edelgard
  • (4.5%) Hero Fest
  • (3.5%) Mythic Heroes: Hel
  • (3.0%) Bridal Beloveds
  • (2.8%) Book IV Mid: Mirabilis and More
  • (2.5%) Summer Passing (Sacred Stones Summer (mostly))
  • (2.5%) Legendary Heroes: Seliph
  • (2.3%) Mythic Heroes: Mila
  • (1.7%) Light and Shadow (New Mystery)

“What was your favorite banner?”
  • (37.4%) A New Future (CYL 4)
  • (10.9%) Dark Burdens (Fallen Heroes)
  • (8.9%) Pirate’s Pride
  • (8.5%) Overseas Memories (3H Summer)
  • (5.7%) Hero Fest
  • (5.4%) Legendary Heroes: Corrin
  • (3.3%) Legendary Heroes: Edelgard
  • (2.9%) Legendary Heroes: Seliph
  • (2.6%) Book IV Mid: Mirabilis and More
  • (2.6%) Bridal Beloveds
  • (2.5%) Summer Passing (Sacred Stones Summer (mostly))
  • (2.3%) Light and Shadow (New Mystery)
  • (1.5%) Mythic Heroes: Hel
  • (1.4%) Mythic Heroes: Mila

“Did you spend money specifically to summon on any of the banners below?”
  • (17.6%) A New Future (CYL 4)
  • (10.3%) Overseas Memories (3H Summer)
  • (8.9%) Legendary Heroes: Corrin
  • (6.8%) Dark Burdens (Fallen Heroes)
  • (6.6%) Pirate’s Pride
  • (6.5%) Legendary Heroes: Edelgard
  • (5.8%) Hero Fest
  • (5.1%) Bridal Beloveds
  • (4.9%) Mythic Heroes: Hel
  • (4.8%) Book IV Mid: Mirabilis and More
  • (4.8%) Mythic Heroes: Mila
  • (4.8%) Summer Passing (Sacred Stones Summer (mostly))
  • (3.4%) Light and Shadow (New Mystery)
  • (3.3%) Legendary Heroes: Seliph

~ Summoning Mechanics ~

33.7% spent orbs on the Hero Fest banner AFTER Intelligent Systems announced how they would be compensating players for the Hero Fest banner glitch, compared to 61.7% who did not.

30.5% say that knowing about the compensation for the Hero Fest banner glitch caused them to spend more orbs on the banner than they would have otherwise, compared to 41.5% who say it did not. 28.0% did not spend orbs on the Hero Fest banner.

34.3% feel positively or very positively about the quality of 4* focuses on regular banners, compared to 26.9% who feel negatively or very negatively.

69.7% feel positively or very positively about the quality of 4* focuses on seasonal banners, compared to 7.8% who feel negatively or very negatively.

53.8% report that the system guaranteeing a free 5* after 40 summons generally makes them summon more, while 5.4% report that it generally makes them summon less and 36.1% report no change in their summoning habits on New Heroes banners.

“If all New Heroes Banners used the permanent 40-summons-for-a-guaranteed-5* system that CYL4 used, how would your orb-spending habits on New Heroes banners change?”
  • (1.8%) I would spend fewer orbs than I did before
  • (22.3%) I would spend the same amount of orbs I usually do
  • (10.3%) I would spend more orbs than I did before
  • (62.2%) My spending would depend more on the Heroes offered

~ Choose Your Legends IV ~

“Which CYL4 Brave Heroes have you summoned, whether from the guaranteed choice banner or the regular banner?”
  • (78.0%) Dimitri
  • (73.4%) Claude
  • (65.7%) Edelgard
  • (56.6%) Lysithea

Of the summoning milestones on the CYL4 banner:
  • (20.2%) did not reach any of these summoning milestones
  • (79.7%) reached 40 summons
  • (41.0%) reached 80 summons
  • (19.8%) reached 120 summons
  • (11.1%) reached 160 summons

45.7% say that the free 5* hero at 40, 80, 120 and 160 summons caused them to spend more on CYL4 than they would have otherwise, while 50.3% say it did not.

22.8% say that the potential use of a new Brave Hero in future F2P Guides for content such as Hero Battles influenced their Brave Heroes summons, compared to 74.0% who say it did not.

“If you could only get ONE of the new Brave Heroes, which one would you choose?”
  • (36.8%) Dimitri
  • (28.9%) Edelgard
  • (22.9%) Claude
  • (7.8%) Lysithea

“Which Brave Hero do you believe is the overall strongest?”
  • (60.7%) Edelgard
  • (21.9%) Dimitri
  • (7.9%) Claude
  • (1.2%) Lysithea

“Which Brave Hero do you believe is the overall weakest?”
  • (61.2%) Lysithea
  • (13.7%) Claude
  • (7.0%) Dimitri
  • (1.7%) Edelgard

“Which Brave Hero do you believe has the best art?”
  • (32.9%) Claude
  • (27.3%) Dimitri
  • (20.1%) Lysithea
  • (13.3%) Edelgard

“Which set of Brave Heroes is your favorite overall?”
  • (24.2%) 1st CYL (Ike, Lucina, Lyn, Roy)
  • (19.4%) 2nd CYL (Ephraim, Celica, Hector, Veronica)
  • (11.2%) 3rd CYL (Alm, Camilla, Eliwood, Micaiah)
  • (39.9%) 4th CYL (Claude, Dimitri, Edelgard, Lysithea)

23.6% feel positively or very positively about the addition of Jorge as the CYL4 GHB hero, compared to 33.0% who feel negatively or very negatively.

86.3% believe CYL5 should add further protections against vote botting, compared to 4.4% who do not.

70.1% believe CYL5 should require Nintendo Account sign-in to vote, compared to 12.6% who do not.

~ Feh Pass and Resplendent Heroes ~

41.2% feel negatively about the addition of the Feh Pass (down 15.8% from the last survey), compared to 11.6% who feel positively (up 1.5% from the last survey). 46.1% are neutral (up 14.3% from the last survey).

40.2% have purchased the Feh Pass, compared to 59.8% who have not. This is a 9.5% increase compared to the last survey, following a 6.7% increase before that.

Of those who have subscribed to Feh Pass, 17.4% have purchased Resplendent Heroes separately (up 12.9% from the last survey), compared to 82.6% who have not.

“Which Resplendent Hero has your favorite art?”
  • (13.4%) Cordelia
  • (12.8%) Eliwood
  • (8.7%) Eirika
  • (8.4%) Olwen
  • (7.5%) Sophia
  • (7.3%) Minerva
  • (6.0%) Azura
  • (5.7%) Lyn
  • (5.2%) Ike
  • (4.1%) Sanaki
  • (4.0%) Roy
  • (3.7%) M!Robin
  • (2.3%) Hector
  • (1.6%) Linde
  • (1.3%) Alm

“Which Resplendent outfit theme is your favorite?”
  • (16.3%) Muspell
  • (15.0%) Askr
  • (14.8%) Nifl
  • (11.5%) Embla
  • (11.5%) Hel
  • (10.3%) Ljosalfheimr

~ Miscellaneous ~

15.8% feel positively about the introduction of Harmonized Heroes, compared to 31.3% who feel negatively.

29.5% have a Harmonized Hero, compared to 70.1% who do not.

14.6% feel positively or very positively about the Resonant Battles game mode, compared to 51.5% who feel negatively or very negatively.

4.6% say that the Resonant Battles game mode influenced them to pull for Harmonized Heroes, compared to 94.5% who say it has not.

34.8% believe the new Arena maps are better than the maps they replaced, while 7.4% believe they are worse, and 36.7% believe they are about the same.

“How often do you use Auto Dispatch in Aether Raids?”
  • (34.3%) All of them, always
  • (0.2%) All of them, in Light Season
  • (3.6%) All of them, in Astra season
  • (24.3%) Only sometimes
  • (37.6%) I never use it

“IV Mango” is the preferred term for Trait Fruit according to 32.2% of respondents, followed by “IVcado” at 28.9%, “Fruit” at 7.6%, and “Dragonfruit” at 6.6%. The remaining 24.7% prefer to just call them Trait Fruit.

39.3% say they will use their first Trait Fruits on a Heroic Grails unit, while 32.9% say they will use them on a Summonable unit, and 1.3% say they will use them on an Askr unit.

58.7% prefer Stat Boosts for Legendary Heroes, compared to 26.3% who prefer Pair-Up.

56.5% generally prefer Regular Duo Heroes, compared to 8.8% who prefer Harmonized Duo Heroes.

1.8% say that the update that raised the minimum hardware/software required to play the game affected their ability to play FE:H, compared to 95.8% who say it did not.

~ Recurring Miscellaneous ~

“Which game do you want a New Heroes banner from the most?”
  • (26.0%) Three Houses (-1.9%)
  • (9.7%) Radiant Dawn (+0.5%)
  • (7.7%) Sacred Stones (+0.2%)
  • (7.5%) Awakening (-3.1%)
  • (6.4%) Genealogy of the Holy War (-1.3%)
  • (6.1%) Path of Radiance (-0.9%)
  • (6.0%) Gaiden / Shadows of Valentia (+2.7%)
  • (5.9%) TMS #FE (+1.9%)
  • (5.4%) Blazing Blade (+1.3%)
  • (5.0%) Fates (+1.0%)
  • (4.2%) Thracia 776 (+0.8%)
  • (2.4%) Binding Blade (+0.6%)
  • (0.8%) Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light / Shadow Dragon (-1.0%)
  • (0.8%) Mystery of the Emblem / New Mystery of the Emblem (-1.1%)

“How much do you care about your rank in the following modes?”
  • (2.90/5.00 average) Arena
  • (2.82/5.00 average) Aether Raids
  • (2.48/5.00 average) PvE game modes with player ranking boards
  • (1.82/5.00 average) Arena Assault

“How have recent changes to FE:H changed your opinion on the game as a whole?”
  • (39.3%) My opinion was positive and has stayed positive
  • (5.7%) My opinion used to be negative, but has turned positive
  • (40.1%) Neutral
  • (9.9%) My opinion used to be positive, but has turned negative
  • (5.1%) My opinion was negative and has stayed negative

~ Intelligent Systems Approval Ratings ~

The approval ratings are calculated by the proportion of Approve responses compared to the number of both Approve and Disapprove responses.

Percent who approve of the way Intelligent Systems is handling:
  • 74.6% - The addition of new heroes / characters to the game (+11.9)
  • 69.4% - The gacha mechanics and summoning banners (+5.5)
  • 59.2% - The story/plot (+9.4)
  • 85.2% - Unranked PvE game modes (Hero Battles, Forging Bonds, Tactics Drills, Lost Lore, Hall of Forms) (-1.2)
  • 50.7% - Ranked PvE game modes (Voting Gauntlets, Tempest Trials, Grand Conquest, Allegiance Battles, Rokkr Sieges, Mjolnir's Strike) (-2.6)
  • 34.6% - Arena (-6.2)
  • 48.0% - Arena Assault (+6.7)
  • 45.8% - Aether Raids (+12.7)

40.5% believe Intelligent Systems cares about its Free to Play userbase (up 10.1% from the last survey), while 34.7% do not. This continues the upward trend from the previous survey, bringing us to 8.8% down from where we were before the February drop).

42.9% approve of the way Intelligent Systems is handling Fire Emblem: Heroes as a whole (up 14.8% from the last survey), while 16.9% disapprove. This continues the upward trend from the previous survey, bringing us to only 2.5% down from where we were before the February drop).

A NOTE ABOUT METHODOLOGY: The overall approval ratings question above has traditionally been the exact percent of Approve responses, as a proportion with both Neutral and Disapprove responses. Note that this is different than the way approval is calculated for individual modes (the proportion of Approve responses compared to the number of both Approve and Disapprove responses), where Neutral responses are excluded. The difference in calculation has continued this way in order to maintain comparability with previous survey results.
For comparisons sake, the overall approval rating trend going by raw Approval percentage over the last 4 surveys is: 50.6% (Dec) -> 22.9% (Feb) -> 28.1% (Apr) -> 42.9% (Sept)
Whereas the overall approval rating trend going by proportion of Approve/Disapprove with the Neutrals excluded over the last 4 surveys is: 82.2% (Dec) -> 41.0% (Feb) -> 51.3% (Apr) -> 71.7% (Sept).

~ Bonus Questions ~

“Who is your Favorite Hero added since the last survey?”
  • Dimitri (Brave) is the winner, followed by Edelgard (Brave), then Claude (Brave).
  • Full results here: [Graph]

“Who is your Most Wanted Hero added since the last survey?”
  • Tibarn (Pirate) is the winner, followed by Corrin (F, Legendary), then Micaiah (Duo, Bridal).
  • Full results here: [Graph].

“What would be the best Harmonized Hero (a pair of two heroes from different games) and why?”:

Rather than selecting a subset of responses this time, the link below is to a google sheet of almost all unique responses. I cleaned it up a little bit to remove “idk” type answers, duplicates, and partial string duplicates, so don’t worry if you don’t see your exact response in it.

[Full Responses].

~ Feedback ~

As always, I received lots of great feedback, both in your survey responses and in the thread itself. A heartfelt thank you to all participants for your encouragements and criticisms - these surveys wouldn’t be where they are without your feedback. But it’s not all serious; feedback messages also included:

  • #FloofMomGang #GiveLeoAGoodFuckingAltForOnce #NowiRefineWhen #TelliusNewHeroesPlz #ElinciaResplendentWhen #JusticeForDedue #PleaseRemoveLChromInstysIAmBeggingYouICantLiveLikeThisAnymore
  • “There once was a CYL4 banner / That hit my orbs hard like a hammer / The very next day / FloomMom Duo came our way / Now I'm stuck bartering with a loan planner”
  • bonk, go to survey jail”
  • “Am I also allowed to put in "Norne and Azura" for a Harmonized Hero pair? No reason.”
  • “Brace yourself. Winter (armours) are coming!” “Brave Hector's refine has made me so very happy with it's inclusion. Go shove your bow up your butt Legendary Chrom.”
  • “Give me villager alts or give me death”
  • “I expect the next survey to come with +12 to attack, null follow up, and special cooldown reduction.”
  • “The true best Harmonized Hero would be Azura and Roy since it would make me uninstall the game and never want to play a gacha ever again”
  • “My headcanon for the dream storyline is that the evil fairies have the Summoner off picking up pebbles that look like orbs. Fredrickson would be proud.”
  • “Where's the most wanted unit to add to the game question so I can shout my want for Seteth into the void?”
  • “I no longer dab, for Legendary Seliph has finally appeared.”
  • And greetings from Argentina, the Bahamas, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Russia, South Korea, Sweden, the UK, Vietnam, the Pacific Northwest, Alaska, Toronto, and St. Louis, as well as from many fictional locations!
And some personal/meta comments:
  • “Any chance we end up seeing another Super Serious Survey in the not-so-distant future?” -> I could not believe it’s been over a year since the last one! We’ll have to do one soon!
  • “Feels like the end of an era, not having to count all my five stars” -> I know, right? I may have it return in a side survey for the most hardcore of respondents at some point, since some people are asking about it and it would be good to get data on it every once in a while.
  • “I was looking through your Nornes skills and saw you haven't given her live for bounty yet! It's the best skill for her, what are you doing!?” -> I am a fraud :( I have given her Live for Honor though :P
  • “What do you hope for in FEH?” -> Norne alt, Resplendent Jaffar, and Shamir
  • Multiple people mentioned that they had returned after a long break and were surprised to see Norne instead of Azura! Welcome back!
  • I also missed a bunch of other possible Trait Fruit nicknames, which I knew would inevitably happen. Sorry!

Note: Please don’t ask me to feature your feedback comment; it’s the only guaranteed way to not have your comment added!

Finally, the suggestion to have separate options for serious vs non-serious feedback was a good idea, I’ll try that out on the next survey!

~ Closing Remarks ~

If you missed out on responding to this survey when it was available, consider subscribing to FEHSurveys. This subreddit serves as a place to organize FE:H-related surveys, make new releases more visible, and make it easier for users to see when surveys are active.

Thanks again to everyone who participated! I hope you find the results interesting, and if there’s anything else you think can be discovered from the data, let me know and I’ll do my best to oblige!
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